Khottie of the Week: ONF’s Wyatt

Posted by Stephanie on March 14, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Wyatt, which, no lie, I keep trying to pronounce as Whyatt. Not sure why, it’s a thing today, but luckily we have grammar check, so we shall push forward. Anyway, in honor of ONF’s first musical win, how about ONF’s first Khottie? Seems fitting, right? So here we are, with ONF’s Wyatt!

There were a few  ONF members to choose from, but when I saw this picture…


Imagine the sound screeching cartoon breaks.

And there it was, I was done for.

Looking further showed me, I wasn’t wrong in this choice.

Then, when I had to confirm a couple of pictures with SaraG, she agreed.

SaraG: Wyatt.

Stephanie: Wiiinnner

SaraG: Is he so handsome? 

Stephanie: I’m on board the handsome Wyatt boat. 

SaraG: He’s the one in the intro song that says his looks and voice make you feel like you’re in a cave but really he’s a princess.

Stephanie: I was alllll helloooo despite your green hair (blue?)

You know how I feel about a husky rapper

SaraG: It’s true. He’s the one I told you was the biggest fan of his own group I’ve ever seen. He just….loves them

Come on, who is with me?

Who can’t get behind a member who loves his group?

And has a deep-throated rumble rap?

AND is hot as fudge?

I mean, seriously, look at this picture series and try not to go woaaaah.

Congrats on your first win, ONF!

Way to hang in there!

It’s fun to see a group make good.

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