Musical Monday – The Subtleness of Infection

Posted by SaraG on March 15, 2021


Just like every other cinematic trope, monsters cycle through popularity over time. For a few years, we’ll get vampires and then all of the sudden, everyone is doing ghosts. Right now, fittingly because of the pandemic, we are at least a couple of years into the most recent zombie craze. Prior to having kids, I loved a good scary movie. Not the slasher, violence for the sake of violence kind, but the ones with the right amount of tension and a supernatural bent. But when my kiddos were small and helpless, I couldn’t stomach it anymore. I started to get nightmares after seeing almost anything meant to frighten me and I stopped getting any pleasure out of it. Now though, since we’re creeping towards my daughters being as big and as strong as me, I’m finding that I quite enjoy it all again. My heightened fear was largely stemming from their vulnerability.  

All of that was meant to say that I like zombie stuff again. Especially zombie stuff with great music.

At the end of January, Eldon released a clever little EP called Do Monsters Love too? With the title track Law. When KpopontheDL dropped the link to the video into our chat I was instantly charmed. The song is a wonderfully nineties R&B influenced number that smoothly escapes any hint at being dated. The lyrics are quite catchy with a good balance of Korean and English in the right places to let me sing along during the high points. The MV though, that’s quite special. The entire thing has Eldon locked in an old school quarantine situation with an obvious, and quite painful to look at, bite on his arm. As the song progresses, you see the visible signs of infection creep through his body and his bouncy steps turn into lurching movements. The song never falters, his voice stays flawless to the end, even as he physically succumbs to the infection. It’s so clever and he does it so well. The amount of starting and stop the camera as makeup is altered and fake blood is splashed about his clothes must have stretched out this filming day by hours.

But, you ask, how did this seeming newcomer get such a cool first EP with such a quirky and potentially time-consuming MV?

Well, he is not as shiny and new as you or I might think. Eldon is actually Jung Hyuk, one of the duo Martin Smith that appeared to great acclaim on Superstar K7 in 2015. Following the show, they signed with a label and have been putting out singles, OSTs, and one album since 2016. They’re lovely singer-songwriters, clever, pleasant, and charming. But I gotta say, this solo side of Eldon might just be my fav side of him. 

Law, Eldon


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