Unboxing Chanyeol

Posted by Stephanie on March 16, 2021


In what will be his last project before enlisting, they’ve put Chanyeol in a box, and from the looks of the teasers, I couldn’t be more delighted.

The Box first crossed my path when I heard that Chanyeol was doing a song for the OST, which, makes sense considering he’s the star of the upcoming movie. First I paused, because, while I love him dearly, I don’t think he’s the strongest actor, but realizing that The Box is actually a musical? Oooh how the pieces fall together.

The story is about a has-been music producer who comes across an aspiring singer and their relationship as they try to work together. I didn’t understand why the movie was called “The Box” until I actually saw the teaser, turns out Chanyeol plays an aspiring singer with horrible stage fright who, in order to still perform, sings in a giant box. Sounds crazy, but we’ve had people cover their faces/identities under masks, helmets, and wigs, so why not go the full banana and just stand there in a box?

Before seeing the teaser, I wasn’t really into it as I’d only seen him in a promo covering a Billie Elish song…

Also? Sorry fact, I’m not that much of a musical fan. But after watching what turned out to be the third teaser?

I’m in, I’m in, I’m in. If this was in the theater here, I’d double mask that shit up and go and watch. (Does anyone else have this huge desire to go to a movie theater? They are open, have you been? If so, did you feel safe? Let me know!) Although looking at the release date of May 24th, if it were to come here, it might just be safe for me to go!

While I’m very sad to see Chanyeol go off to do his military service, 1) I’m always happy to see someone go right now when they can’t be super active anyway and 2) I’m happy that we happened to have this going away gift from him. Because, I mean, did you see that teaser? This is a little Chanyeol gift!


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