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Posted by Stephanie on March 24, 2021


I might have mentioned, its been a bad week. Everything that’s going on in the world and the added bonus of a huge interdepartmental work project that I fell (or was pushed) into. While I love huge projects and being the one who knows everything, at the moment, focus and patience are not my best feature. Whenever possible, I’m trying to focus on things I like, things that currently make me happy. Would you like to know about them?


Nu’est is coming back! Not only is Nu’est coming back with a full album in April, but it looks like Aaron, who has been on a mental health hiatus is coming back!

When Sara shared this with me it brought out a rousing discussion on their outfits, the fit of Baekho’s outfits, how close Minhyun’s pants are to his nipples, which lead to the discussion of Minhyun as a Korean Cary Grant, which fell down a rabbit hole of how much we love Cary Grant and Alan Alda. Don’t you love those friends who just get it? Anyway, Nu’est is coming back in April with a full album, their first since 2014!



With LizC getting her first appointment all of the Denver peeps are either fully vaccinated or on their way there! I’m the lonely phase two-er but hopefully in a couple of weeks! I want to say this says great things for BL and Bubbles, but we still did that as, you know, where there’s a mask and a way! (And it def helped when one of us became fully vaccinated.)



Speaking of LizC, we met up this weekend with SaraG to pop over to a local (okay, very out of the way) store that now has a small kpop selection! I purchased the new WayV and Victon, and LizC not only gave me a copy of the new Wonho album, but also this magnificent beast!

What What? Viva la Wonho!



UL:KIN Fashion Show – A.C.E! Byeongkwan! Donghun in a fashion show? Well, that just makes my heart go pitter pat.

If you watched it, you saw there’s also some Pentagon, Brave Girls and Momoland in there. But me? My week needs copious amounts of A.C.E


You Make Me Dance!

This weekend Alix and I binged both Color Rush and You Make Me Dance. Guys. You Make Me Dance is SO good. It’s just one of those shows you feel in your heart. And whoever it was who posted out there that these two didn’t have chemistry and it was boring? Well, let’s not be friends. Just kidding, we can be friends but we must agree we’ll never agree on good television.



Jessi’s new song dropped and its just as badass as one would hope it would be.

Let’s not all be shocked if it shows up on my top 50 list of songs this year. But, watching it several times one morning while working out, my roku Youtube decided I needed to swatch Jessi being funny or Jessi being savage montage clips, and you know what? It wasn’t wrong.


Return of Supermom!

Speaking of Strong women, the variety show Return of Superman will be featuring its first single mom! Sayuri (no idea who she actually is but if she’s on Return of Superman, she’s some sort of celebrity, google says she’s a Japanese tv personality) is actually a single mom by choice having given birth to her son via artificial insemination. Single moms don’t always get the best shake and this is a great way to show that not all superheroes are men!


And finally, that this thing exists. I’ve wanted a weighted blanket for a while, and have been on a hunt for a better heating pad, here, it’s like the gods of cozy got together and said “You’re welcome.” If you’d also like a weighted heating pad, you can find it here.


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