Musical Monday – Is There Any More Perfect Marriage Than Music and Fashion

Posted by SaraG on March 29, 2021


Business is business whether it’s moving money between huge companies, selling widgets to millions, or making a go of it in the arts. The pandemic has hit almost every industry hard and the fashion world is no exception. I don’t just mean that folks have moved from outside appropriate to sweatpants at all times, but big fashion-centric events where people gather in crowds to stun each other have had to adapt just like everything else. One consequence though is that if not more wearable on the street, it’s gotten more accessible for us as lay viewers. 

I have never actually attended a fashion show in person. It’s not that I haven’t on purpose, it’s more like it’s one of those things that I would absolutely do in a heartbeat, but also one of those things I likely won’t go out of my way to do. Like hiking in Peru. I wouldn’t say no if someone gave me the opportunity, but it’s not something I’m adding to any sort of bucket list. However, if someone I adore is walking in the fashion show – or also hiking that trail in Peru for that matter – I’m much more likely to make a go at participating. 

New York and Seoul Fashion Weeks (and possibly the others, I haven’t looked) have put their runways on YouTube this year, letting all of us around the world enjoy a variety of aesthetics and settings along with all of the beautiful clothing. Miles and miles of models walking in museums, forests, and abandoned buildings. Stunning. Oh, and the idols. A TON of idols are participating this year. 

I could tell you who is in each of the following events, but I’d rather you focus in and tell me who you spot. There’s a ton. A fun little game of Where’s the Idol. Let me know.

UL:KIN Fall/Winter 2021Seoul Fashion Week

SETSETSET Fall/Winter 2021 Seoul Fashion Week

UL:KIN Fall/Winter 2021 New York Fashion Week

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