Joseon Excorsist – Exorcized.

Posted by Stephanie on March 30, 2021


I can’t say that any of us saw this coming. In my history of watching dramas, I could, if I try really hard, come up with a handful of dramas that were cut short, mostly due to ratings but a few times for controversy.

But the canceling of Joseon Excorsist after just 2 episodes? Is pretty shocking. Probably because I read really looking forward to it.

So what happened? I can’t help but snort a little as the cancellations are essentially for historical inaccuracies, distortion of historical figures, and several Chinese props. Ummmm…. historical inaccuracies? Seriously dude. Joseon Exorcist is a historical horror fantasy. Look at the premise! Zombies in history? Was this ever going to be a page out of Encyclopedia Britannica?

When the first question — online outrage — happened it was regarding scenes where Chinese props and foods were mixed in with Korean. The production company had a pretty convincing argument. This series of scenes were taking place along the Korean/China border and they essentially wanted to show trade that happens between borders. Which is not a historical inaccuracy. You have to countries/states/cities that butt up to each other, you’re going to have trade mixing goods and many times, culture.

But what are you going to say to netizens? No? I mean, why start now?

Me personally? I think there were always going to be issues with a show like this being on one of the three major broadcasting networks. A show of this scale, of this topic needed to be on cable, or even better a direct to Netflix sort of show as cable shows seem to be given more leeway and, well, Netflix just didn’t give a fuck. I mean, could you imagine, what Netflix would say if someone came to them and said you need to pull this very expensive show that is 80% completed because someone put a mooncake on a table? I believe the answer would go along the lines of this:

“AHAHAHAHAHHAHA oh, wait, are you series? Here’s a thought, if you don’t like it, don’t fucking watch it.”

(For some reason I see Netflix as being very loose with the F-bombs. Sorry Netflix.)

Anyway, this is a huge disappointment for the cast, few, and production company — I’m purposefully leaving out SBS here — they should have known better. Unless some network can miraculously pick this show up, I don’t think we’ll ever see it. If they were closer to being done, I could see them releasing it online or something, but I can’t imagine anyone is going to stick around after this.


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