Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Time Keeps Moving

Posted by SaraG on April 1, 2021


As we prepare to watch Kingdom and the artists ease into participating in the show, they have been doing all sorts of little mini pre-episodes where the groups watch old performances and videos of themselves and reminisce. One of the most obvious and still kind of shocking things I’ve taken away from it is just how YOUNG they all look in these old stages. Even the relatively new groups have aged significantly in the last three to four years. It’s crazy. And wonderful. They really are catching up to us in age…since we decided to put a full stop to the process here at Kchat. 

You may remember from previous posts that I have recently fallen deeply and completely in love with Rowoon from SF9. This is a group that Alix has been in love with since their debut and I have supported because they’re delightful, their music is more than decent if not always to my taste, and the individual members are basically the most freaking adorable collective of dudes I have ever seen. But now that I seem to have developed this red string from my heart to Rowoon’s (whether he’s aware or not) I’ve kind of gotten a heck of a lot more invested in their success. This means that I have had to take a dive back into some older music and MVs to really soak it up and get to know their nuances and how they’ve grown. 

And grown they have. 

Fanfare, SF9

These tiny creatures have all filled out, thickened up, grown actual inches in height, and matured into full-grown men. They wear the last few years incredibly well. 

Good Guy, SF9

I don’t know who I want to win the show, I don’t know that I particularly care because, to put it frankly, they all deserve it. The stages are going to be amazing, they’re all going to gain more supporters, and they are going to develop deeper relationships with other idols – friendships even. I am so, so here for this.

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