Sell Your Haunted House!

Posted by Stephanie on April 7, 2021


It’s a seller’s market here in Denver. Seriously, houses selling within days of them going on the market. A house is on the market for more than two weeks? You begin to wonder what exactly is wrong with that house. There was a bit of time there where I was seriously contemplating wading in and attempting to buy something, but after seeing my coworker and his family being bumped around again and again, I’ve decided to take a pass. This being said, it really makes me wonder after watching the teaser for Sell Your Haunted House, would a house be a little bit more affordable if it were haunted?

I’m of course excited for this show, have been since it was announced ages ago. Not so much for the premise, although that’s helpful, but for the casting of Jung Yong Hwa alone. Luckily, the idea of him playing a fraudster shamen who gets into the house de-haunting game just tickles me.

Now, after all this time? The show is almost here, premiering 4/14! You know, next week? Which is also a little surprising that it took me a while to find the teaser. Shouldn’t they have a couple of them by now? I mean, we’re a week out! But here it is!

Oooh this looks like it’s going to be fun! I still don’t really have a sense of what the show is going to be. Is it a romance? Horror? Mystery? Comedy? Some sort of candy that has them all rolled into one? Some of the effects do look cool and spooky, which is always fun.

The one thing I was really surprised at? The whole time watching the trailer I was like, I thought Jang Nara was in this? Maybe she’s not in this teaser? Why would the leading lady not be in the main teaser? Who is this lady? Is she the villain and that’s why they are spending so much time with her? Setting up plotlines I don’t understand because it’s not subbed?


Dude. That’s Jang Nara in the teaser. I double-checked. And then checked out her actor page. Is it just me that says she’s changed a lot?? Like so much I didn’t actually recognize her? So much that if you told me right now that, “Oh, no, you’re wrong, it’s So and So” I wouldn’t be surprised at all? Now that I’m a little spooked out at.

I love the fact that all three CNBLue boys have shows bumping up to each other. Minhyuk with that Love after Thirty or something, Yonghwa with this, and isn’t Jongshin’s new show where he plays a bartender coming up? It has some nice harmony to it. A little musical release, some shows, then maybe a little musical release. Glad to see the boys staying busy!

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