CHottie of the Week – Chen Jing Ke

Posted by Stephanie on April 11, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Denver crew have been hitting the Chinese dramas HARD. Even our non-kpopper. It’s like collectively everyone took a look at what Chinese dramas were serving up, and said, “Sure, sign us up, looks tasty.” When I ask for drama recommendations it inevitably comes back as something Chinese. Same with looking for Khotties. “Sure, yeah, KHottie, but have you seen the lead actor in this Chinese drama I’m watching? He’s yummy.”

And I have to agree.

So, thanks to Alix for this week’s CHottie.

Chen Jing Ke is an up and coming Chinese actor.

Who just happened to turn 24 in March.

It’s almost like it’s fate!

Chen Jing Ke is currently starring in the drama Hello Mr. Gu.

Which is how he landed on Alix’s plate.

She says that the show is light, fluffy fun.

Which is actually what all the Denver crew is saying about all their dramas.

They are light, fluffy fun.

And after the year we’ve had is exactly what they need.

I’ve decided to follow along. 

I asked Alix to task me with watching a drama, hoping that would make me sit there and watch something.


As a rule follower, it worked.

I’m now watching My Unicorn Girl.

But after CHottie Chen Jing Ke?

Looks like Hello Mr Gu might be going onto the list.

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