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Posted by SaraG on April 12, 2021


One of the reasons I love Seventeen is because of their choreo. One of the reasons their choreo is so amazing and why they perform it so well is because of Hoshi. Period. 

We all know that Seventeen is so large that their team is split into units based on specialty in order to ensure some measure of quality control. Hoshi is the Performance Unit Leader, an unbelievable dancer and choreographer, and a perfectionist in his drive to show Carats a good stage. There are countless moments in YouTube content where you can see Hoshi adjusting someone’s hand by fractions of an inch or tipping their head just the slightest of degrees to see perfect uniformity in their performances. All of this attention to detail pays off.

But while this extensive effort is really focused on the strengths and success of the group as a whole, we’ve finally gotten to get Hoshi for Hoshi’s sake and I am completely enchanted. Turns out, a lot of what I like about Seventeen is Hoshi’s fault. The music is full of interesting sounds, a clear, present beat that changes up at the chorus, and his great, kind of high toned clear voice. The MV has amazing changes in perspective, lots of angles in the set design and in the choreo, and fabulous sleek styling. He is a contemporary dancer with the ability to translate art into pop in the most digestible fashion. He is a sexy mess and clean lines. 

Sometimes I get worried when a member of a large group does solo work. I wasn’t this time. I knew it’d be fine. But I was wrong. Spider is way more than fine. It’s gunning for top fifty this year. 

Spider, Hoshi


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