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Posted by Stephanie on April 13, 2021

Casting News

It’s been confirmed that JR, NU’EST’s fearless leader and all-around best boy next door has signed onto an upcoming drama! “Oh. Um. Really?” My brain goes.  “That’s okay, it’s his first time out. He’ll probably be the best friend who eventually gets his own cute love interest. Or possibly the fourth member of a love square, who you adore, but know from the very beginning he doesn’t actually have a chance at getting the girl, no matter how hard the show pretends it’s a possibility? Sure, I could see that.”

Except… looks like he’s the hero? Um. Really?

Don’t get me wrong, I love NU’EST, I love JR. (Don’t tell SaraG.) He’s darling and sweet. He is very pretty to look at and has a unique speaking voice that just makes me want to hear more. But leading man? For the first round out? I know his other group members Ren and Minhyun have had leading roles (theater and dramas respectively), but this is his first time out. The idea of it is making my brain stutter a bit.

The character, at least, is in his wheelhouse. The drama is called (currently) I’ll Become Your Night and is about a member of a famous band (I thought for a second he was going to be a band member, relegating him to a side role, but nope.) who sleepwalks. In order to curb this, they have a private doctor move in to…cure him? Perhaps it’s not just the casting that makes me go Um. Really? Though, with a sleepwalking idol, sounds like there could be a lot of hijinks living in there.

Now me? I’m also a sleepwalker. Nothing I’d hire a private doctor for, mostly, I just try to get outside my room, or get out of bed and put things weird places. My last round I kept leaping out of bed to throw the light on thinking someone was in the room with me. Over and over again. All night long. Good times, but pretty benign. Of course, though, it could go super dark and he could be an idol band member who straight up murders people in his sleep and they have to get that under control before 1) some fan recognizes him 2) he murders said fan 3) then goes after the rest of his bandmates. I mean, that’s a whole lot of apologizing his label would have to do.

Something though, something tells me this is going to be a light bit of fluffy nothing wrapped up in a JR smile. Which, I don’t know about you, but I’m super-cool with.

I guess we’ll see as we get closer what this show is going to be about, tone, or even what network its going to be on…or heck if its on a network at all? Lets not discount web shows. Since they are just now announcing the intention of the drama and JR’s casting, and NU’EST has to come out with their upcoming album, promote that, and then this will be coming out? Don’t start looking for this thing until much later in the year. But it will be interesting to think about until then!


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