Seo In Guk Bringing the Doom

Posted by Stephanie on April 14, 2021


Somehow this information passed me by, but Seo In Guk signed onto a new drama, filmed a new drama, and now said drama, Doom At Your Service is going to be premiering in a month! Yikes! We have a lot to catch up on!

So, he plays a guy who, anything he touches anything, that thing disappears. So, is he the doom? That has got to be a lonely life. Did he disappear his mom? Was this something that has always happened to him or is this a new phenomenon? I guess either way there’s going to be some angsty backstory coming our way.

From the sounds of it, the heroine is her own version of twisty. Oh. Actually, let’s look at the synopsis, turns out I’m super wrong on this show!

Tak Dong Kyung has been working hard ever since her parents passed away. Her life seemed more stable after working as a web novel editor for 6 years, but then she gets diagnosed with a brain cancer. She blames her unlucky life and wishes to curse everything to disappear, which unintentionally calls Myeol Mang, a messenger between humans and gods, to appear. He says that he can grant her wishes. As her last hope, she makes a contract with Myeol Mang for a hundred days to live how she wants, risking her everything.

So, nope, no disappearing mom, but this is even more dark than I had anticipated. If you look at this teaser, you think darkish and romantic. Two people who have given up finding love together.


But if you look at this one? Oooh its dark. Two people who have given up on everything finding each other.

I’d be up for dark and romantic 1, but with this synopsis, does anyone see how this is going to be able to end up happily? I don’t. I see her either dying and moving on, or him saving her and having to separate forever. Either way, this has angsty “why did I do this to myself” tears all over it. You know those tears, when you’re up at 3am to finish, weeping into the side of your cat over the unfairness of it all…. or perhaps that’s just me.

I like the idea of a dark and stormy Seo In Guk. I think he’ll be able to pull this off beautifully with the right amount of broody and angst. I was thinking it had been a while since we’ve seen him and I’m not wrong. His last time starring in a drama was 2018’s The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, which is sad as I think he’s a really solid actor. I am happy to see him back, even if it’s not something that I can emotionally handle watching right now.

Though these are some beautiful posters. Looks like they get past that non-touching thing.

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  • Reply Humbledaisy April 14, 2021 at 9:05 pm

    Is this his post-military show? Or did he do that a long time ago? He has a face like a graven image.

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