Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Take A Second Look

Posted by SaraG on April 15, 2021


I mentioned last week that I was having a hard time focusing on the glut of attention-worthy new groups coming out this year. One of my avoidance strategies has been the comfort listening I mentioned, but I’ve also been spending time with slightly older groups that I’ve always MEANT to get to know better. They’ve put out tons of content to delve into and I already know what to expect from their music and how much I enjoy it. Seems to me that investing time into an old acquaintance and turning them into a reliable friend is a pretty productive way to spend my early mornings and runs.

The group that I’ve been focusing on most recently is VeriVery. 

Way back in 2019, before the world took a weird turn, I wrote about VeriVery and how I thought they might turn into an obsession one day if they played their cards right. While I don’t see them topping my all-time favs list, they are 1000% a group that I have followed closely in terms of music since Tag Tag Tag came out and I have grown more and more invested in their content over the years. In the last several weeks, I’ve watched their new stuff, caught up on some old appearances on variety shows I enjoy, and even snuck in a few specials on YouTube. They are charming, funny, full of inside jokes, and seem to be all-around wonderful idols. 

I admit, right from the beginning I have been captivated by Minchan. My eyes follow him and I quite enjoy his personality. However, he has been taking a break from the idol life for his mental health for the last several months (thank you Jellyfish for supporting his mental health and prioritizing his treatment) and I’ve been provided the unexpected opportunity to get to know the other members. I’ll be damned, they’re all just as clever and fun. 

The deep dive into their stuff has also shown me just how consistently I’ve enjoyed their music and how even if I initially dismissed it, many of their songs have stuck with me despite myself. The song Lay Back is the perfect example. So good. 

Lay Back, VeriVery

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