Musical Monday – Soldiers Returning

Posted by SaraG on April 19, 2021


A lot of stuff has come out in the last few weeks from the usual suspects, and I love basically all of it. Because I didn’t want to write on and on about the same groups (trust me, I have plenty to say about A.C.E, Kang Daniel, OnlyOneOf, and Dvwn), I’ve decided to prattle on about someone I quite enjoy but have never really mentioned here before – Yoon Jisung. 

Jisung is one of those idols that labored on as a trainee year after year struggling to be put into a group and make his debut. He doesn’t have the classic good looks of countless of our young stars and he’s just enough older than many of his peers that his chances of making it, already slim, were decreasing by the month. However, after placing 8th on Produce 101 Season 2 and being named the leader of Wanna One, his dreams really started to take shape in such a lovely way. 

Though there are triple threats out there (skills in singing, dancing, and visuals), most idols specialize in something in particular. Jisung is a vocalist first and foremost. He can dance, he knows how to make the most of his face, and he uses his expressions beautifully to push us to laugh and cry, but his voice is really the pinnacle of his charm. It’s gorgeous.

When our time with Wanna One ended, Jisung took that incredible charm and his talent to the stage as part of the musical The Days and made his debut as a solo artist with a quick succession of EPs and singles. Unfortunately, this was also the same time that Kang Daniel, Kim Jae Hwan, and several other more immediately popular idols were dominating the scene as the solo performers to watch. Jisung got a bit lost in all of the noise and because he’s a 91er, he had a very limited amount of time to shine before he was scooped up for his mandatory military service in May 2019. 

Now that he’s out of the camo and back in the industry, Jisung is wasting no time in getting back to the grind. He’s acting in the drama with Jr from Nu’est, doing variety, and dropped his comeback EP Temperature of Love this month. The title track, Love Song is nothing short of lovely. It’s aegyo on the right side of egregious, it uses his deeper sound beautifully, and the backing track is rhythmic and comfortable. I am very happy to report that I have found myself bobbing my head along to it on more than one occasion. 

Love Song, Yoon Jisung

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