Dark Hole – An Ookie, Spookie New Drama!

Posted by Stephanie on April 20, 2021


As I’m getting over my disappointment over the cancellation of Joseon Excorcist. bummed over the lack of zombies in prime time Kdrama, Dark Hole suddenly popped up! Let me tell you, this show looks creepy, dark, and, considering it’s about a mysterious pandemic transmitted through breathing? Timely enough to start those neck tingles before the show even starts!

The show stars Kim Ok Bin and Lee Joon Hyuk who I have been enamored with almost since the start of my Kdrama fandom due to his role in the little known, I Am Legend.

So, a huge plus in this shows favor. He plays a man who used to be a police officer who quit after a scandal who lives in a small town where a sinkhole appears, releasing this mysterious fog that essentially turns people into zombies if they breathe it. Hense all the air masks in the pictures. Kim Ok Bin is a woman who finds out her husband has been murdered (so not a romance!) and goes to this town to try and find out what happens, despite, you know, zombies.

Okay, I’m not crazy about the murdered husband ex-cop storylines as, for some reason, those make me more uncomfortable than zombies for some reason. So at first, I was like, bummer, I think I’m going to take a pass on this one, but then….BUT THEN! Check out this teaser:

Oh. I’m in.

You know how with Joseon Excorsist I said (even from the start) that I thought that it airing on SBS was a bad call? Well, this show is on OCN, which is exactly where a show like this needs and is expected to be. OCN is known for its edgier shows. More crime. More blood. More risks to push boundaries. I swear all of their shows have this same greyish filter on them.

Because we have been very good little girls and boys, we have another teaser that is just as blood pumping:

It’s so funny how I only want to watch light and fluffy right now, to the point where I’ve mostly retreated into Chinese dramas, but there is something about a zombie, or as they call it here, a mutant apocalypse that surpasses all need to keep stress levels down. I want to watch this with a scary movie blanket over my head having the crap scared out of me. Sounds like a fun time, right? Perhaps it’s a “sure the world is pretty crappy but at least we don’t have zombies!” sort of feel?

Though now I feel like I should knock on wood or something. Anyway, Dark Hole starts April 24th so get those scary movie blankets ready!!!

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  • Reply humbledaisy April 20, 2021 at 10:56 am

    Clever way to film around using masks, too. If there are zombies, though, I won’t be watching due to an unfortunate incident involving Shaun of the Dead during my formative years. Now that could be a Korean drama!

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