Imitation – A Genuine Idol Drama

Posted by Stephanie on April 21, 2021


When most people talk about how they became a kdrama or kpop fan, you’ll often hear, I was a kpop fan and then I got into kdramas or the opposite, I was hooked on kdramas so it was only a matter of time before I became a kpop fan. In my place, it would def be option B, which is funny because now I actually would have to say, if forced, that if I were to rate the two in order of importance to making my life complete, it would def be the world of kpop coming in above dramas. So to have a kdrama not only set in the world of kpop, but to be filled with actual kpop stars?

Ohhh this one is going to be POPULAR.

The upcoming show is called Imitation and really does have a huge amount of idols in its roster. And not just the regular idols turned actors, we’re talking the untried skills of most of the members of ATEEZ to name one…which, I’m not going to lie, as a huge fan of ATEEZ, that’s what caught my eye. Seonghwa, San, Jongho, AND Yunho? Well, well, hello there.

Also in the cast is a member of U-Kiss, IOI and Priston, SF9, T-ARA, G.O.D, and Boys Republic.

We all know the real world of kpop has to be filled with love and betrayal, pressure, and rivalries, it almost makes you wonder why they haven’t had a show take place in the world already? This particular story is the rivalries around three groups SHAX

Tea Party

and Sparkling

The production team is working hard to promote the crap out of this thing and is doing a really great job, taking a lot of pages out of actual kpop groups. Each group has its own Twitter account and currently, Tea Party even has its own Instagram! They have concert clips…


And practice room videos…

They’ve released character photos which could very well be comeback concept art. Meet the members of SHAX

And the members of Sparkling

This show has the ability to bring in kdrama fans who are passing kpop fans and kpop fans who maybe haven’t tried kdrama yet. This could be the real-life story of “You got chocolate on my peanut butter!” “You got peanut butter on my chocolate!” And if you don’t know that reference, maybe we shouldn’t be friends.

Imitation starts May 7th, so get ready!

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