Throwback (Musical) Thursday – The Next Round Begins

Posted by SaraG on April 22, 2021


You will remember, because I’ve posted a few performances from the show on the site already, that I was a steadfast viewer of the idol competition show Road to Kingdom. As with most of us, I have a love-hate relationship with all shows that make any idol feel even the slightest bit sad or less than. It’s truly not my bag to watch hopefuls cry. And yet, I can’t look away because what IS firmly in my wheelhouse is watching hopefuls be happy and proud of the performances they produce on these kinds of stages. And so I forge on, clinging (over the phone) to KpopontheDL as we work through episode after episode, slightly nauseous and always amazed at what the groups pull off. 

We are now three episodes into Kingdom and full of so many conflicting emotions I’m not entirely sure how we will make it through to the end (note: we will make it). Many of the groups participating have been long favorites of the Kchat crew and seeing any one of them sad is heartbreaking. But the performances, the interactions between the groups, and the knowledge that their fandoms will swell during and after the show makes it all very much worth the struggle for me. 

I had the same heartache in watching Road to Kingdom as many of those groups were always high on my list of true loves. But even then, despite my enduring love for so many participants, I can honestly say that the Boyz dominated that particular show. Their concepts, choreo, styling, and musical production were all equally stunning and their winning the show came not as a surprise nor was it unjustified. Just two performances into this next round – up against some of the current powerhouses of the genre and those with years of performance experience and countless hits under their belts – they are continuing to prove themselves a formidable opponent. Should they win, it will not come as an easy victory, each week will require stepping up their game to nearly unimaginable heights. But regardless of the outcome, they have proven themselves more than worthy of any attention or hype or fangirling they receive. 

As a reminder of what got them here, let’s all cozy in and watch the reworked version of Reveal that truly kicked off their incredible run to the top. 

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