TWHottie of the Week: Anson Chen

Posted by Stephanie on April 25, 2021

Khottie of the Week

This Khottie post was going to be a lot of things. I’ve harvested pictures from three different angles first off a regular Khottie, then, in honor of me house sitting for Alix, my BL partner in crime, which means we did not get our weekly dose of BL in, I was going to do our favorite pairing of HIStory 4: Close To You, started collecting pictures. But then? As I just kept digging and digging. Really, the post morphed into a solo piece for the angular beauty of Anson Chen.

Or, perhaps I could call it, Anson Chen and his mile high neck.

Its a thing of beauty.

HE is a thing of beauty.

I quickly focused on him while watching this crackpot show.

Please note, this post is not me recommending you go out and watch it.

UNLESS, you just go out and watch this pairing:

Which is the BEST and really only thing that makes this show I want to say palatable, but….


Anson Chen though.

In his arty clothes.

And all his angles.

And did I mention his neck?

Alix has teased for a while I should make him TWHottie but a quick glance says, since he’s so new to the world of acting.

He didn’t have much by way of picture content out there.

Good lord, I was wrong.

I could just watch this show swooning over him.

Could and do actually.

Not to mention, he’s a really solid actor.

I’m really enjoying his take on the character.

Though, like I said, Alix and I are now a few episodes behind so no spoilers.

Thanks to the power of Instagram, I know there is a lick, and I know I like it and I can’t wait to watch.

I’m going to pick Alix up at the airport on Saturday.

Speed back to her house.

Where I will already have the episodes queued up.

She and Lucy the Lab will be all, I love you, no I love you more.

Then they’ll be all, I missed you, no I missed you more.

And I’ll be all… snap to ladies.

We have some BL to watch.


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  • Reply DBChen April 27, 2021 at 9:27 am

    Khottie request: Kwak Dong Yeon. He’s playing Jang Han Seo on Vincenzo and the loyal bodyguard with the Mane of Glory on Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.


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