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Posted by SaraG on April 26, 2021


It was a really great week for music with Day6, P1Harmony, and (nearest and dearest to my heart) Nu’est all releasing excellent tunes. I’ve had a little more space in my daylight hours to enjoy actual albums while I work and I have to say that now that I somewhat have it back, I’ve missed filling my head with music whilst I while away the hours on my computer. And as I enjoyed the tunes this week, I was lucky enough for lightning to strike – I fell in love with a song at first listen. 

About a week ago, after some charming teaser images, Psy announced that Penomeco had signed to P-Nation, and not only had they scooped him up, he would immediately begin promoting his new EP Dry Flower. I’ve been a pretty steady Penomeco fan since I first stumbled on his music several years ago. He’s this excellent mix of shy and swaggy and his music balances R&B vocals and rap with incredible precision. The teaser images and videos for the release gave us glimpses of some sort of love story taking place in a futuristic dystopian setting with robot butlers and giant elevators. The three MVs that have been released as part of promotions have a continuous storyline with the same adorable couple (Peno as our hero) that, if I’m being entirely honest, I do not actually follow completely. 

But I don’t care that I don’t quite get it. It’s beautiful and it makes me feel things. Romantic things.

The title track, JAJA, is that love at first listen that I mentioned up there at the top, but I want to be clear, after two listens I was just as crazy pleased with Insomnia. JAJA, for me, is reminiscent of Joah by Jay Park – one of my all-time fav Kpop numbers with just the right amount of upbeat danceability balanced with emotions and depth to keep it thinky. The MV is thick with story including some sort of obvious manipulation of our heroine’s life. Peno is clearly in on it, but he also clearly loves her. WHAT IS GOING ON? I need to see an interview to have it explained to me. 

JAJA, Penomeco

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