TWHottie of the Week: Charles Tu

Posted by Stephanie on May 2, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Not going to lie, last week was a rough week work-wise and there may have been some moments where I may have opened last week’s TWhottie and just scrolled through how beautiful he was. So striking. Whatever gets us through, right? Since last week we did half of the best couple of HIStory 4, its really only fair that this week we take a look at the other half, the super charming Charles Tu.

If you don’t know who he is, well, before HIStory 4, neither did I.

But if you are watching HIStory 4, you’ll know him by that wide, bright grin.

Again though, this is not me saying to you, go out and watch HIStory 4.

That’s a personal decision you need to make between you and your ugh tolerance.

When I said last week, I was going hustle my partner in BL crime, Alix home to watch the episodes we’re now behind.

Turns out, that was lie  Alix came home, and made the decision to focus on Lovely Writer as its…just lovely.

This is me saying to you, if you have time and an inclination to watching BL, I suggest you check it out.

Though we’re three episodes away from the end.

But back to Charles.

Guys. I know I’ve said it before, but I find him so charming, I’m eager to see him in another show.

Get this. I find him so charming?

I’d be willing to watch him in a hetero show.

I KNOW! Shocker.

He plays perfectly the dumb-dumb goofball who is incredibly focused on his goals.

Whether it be chasing the girl from his past.

Protecting his friends.

Or, chasing after his real love interest once he realizes its his best friend he’s actually in love with.


Ouch. Though it hurts my soul to say.

He hasn’t really been a lead in anything.

What the? Get on that Taiwan!


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