Heechul’s Gamer Workout

Posted by Stephanie on May 4, 2021


Due to moving to a second-floor apartment (ie, someone living below me and not wanting to be THAT neighbor), I swapped a stationary bike for the YouTube Kpop workouts I was doing. While I still follow many of the Allblanc guys on Instagram (congratulations on the wedding James), its been months since I actually did one of their workouts.

And then Heechul came for a visit.

I actually love working out. I LOVE Heechul. The often shirtless Allblanc fellows are delightful. So when it popped up on my Instagram feed that Heechul popped in to film a video with them? Well, sorry downstairs neighbor, this is happening. Here’s hoping I don’t knock anything off your shelves!

Luckily though, when the video actually came out, it’s a Gamer Inspired workout, so there’s a fair amount of chairwork involved. Unfortunately, the translating was spotty, leaving almost the entire video without subs. Bummer. If I’m understanding properly, Heechul is a huge gamer, they were brought together by this gaming company, doing the workout at their company with the idea that gamers, who sit in chairs for hours on end need stretches and exercises built for them. While I’m not a gamer, I am an office worker, sitting at my desk for hours on end. So, figured this would also be a good fit. Plus! Heechul!

I didn’t actually realize how sore or tight I already was until I started the workout which began with chair stretching. While it felt good, man did my arms and shoulders protest after a while. (Full disclaimer, I’d already had a regular workout that morning.) I was thinking what sort of workout would one get from a chair, but while some of the exercises were in the chair (hilariously the Sorry, Sorry dance portion), a good portion of it was out of the chair, regular aerobic activities. While not as aggressive as my morning bike workout, I did manage to work up a sweat, and I’ve been really struggling on getting more toning or weight training into my activity list so this was a nice mix.

Plus! Heechul!

I wish the video was subbed more as he chattered, bitched, and complained the entire time. From the beeps, I’m guessing a fair amount of those complaints were with swear words. I want to know what he’s saying! There were a couple of times I actually convinced myself that it was me and I just didn’t have the subs on (its happened before more than once) but, alas, no subs for the workout portion of the video.

I really don’t know what brought this pairing together, I think there has got to be a funny story behind it. Unless it really was the gaming company and Heechul was in it to either meet their players or get the jersey he won at the end. Whatever it was, I want to know!

Surprisingly, I’ll probably try this one again. There wasn’t a lot of stomping or steps to irritate the neighbor but I feel like I got some work done. Plus! Heechul!

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