Khottie of the Week: iKON’s Junhoe!

Posted by Stephanie on May 9, 2021

Khottie of the Week

While the fact that iKON is rising the ranks over at Kingdom, makes celebrating Junhoe as Khottie, timely and appropriate, I actually had harvested these pictures a few weeks ago, fully planning on unveiling him right after his 24th birthday, unfortunately for him, I waffled and got sidetracked by the HIStory 4 guys. He’s been very patiently waiting for his turn in line and we very much appreciate that of him.

I have something to admit.

My slight of Junhoe doesn’t start with shifting him for Khottie.

Oh no, my slight goes way back.

With me instantly being smitten with Bobby before iKon was a thing.

Eagerly awaiting their final arrival…

(Dudes, do you remember how long it took for them to finally debut???)

and when they finally did….

I really liked iKon, but I didn’t love, love them.

I was like, yay Bobby and all his friends!

Which I understand is going to hurt certain people reading this.

I knew there was a BI.

And I could pick him out of a group picture.

Very pleased with myself.

Read a whole Bobby/BI fanfic, with those pictures in my head.

Wasn’t until Junhoe joined It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets where I was informed…


The person I always thought was BI?

Had always been Junhoe.

It was a real facepalm moment.

But then I watched him on that show.

His little…excuse me while I go to my room and write a poem moments.

And I was instantly endeared to this dreamy little soul.

Now excuse me, I’m going to go to my room and write a poem about how pretty Junhoe is.

I’m somehow inspired.


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