Musical Monday – It’s Right There in My Chest

Posted by SaraG on May 10, 2021


I am adoring how many groups are coming back after their military service and continuing on as idols – but not the same kind of perfect idols of their youth, but rather the grown, mature, “I know some things” version that sits better with western audiences. This past week we got the new Highlight comeback. It was everything I wanted and needed it to be as someone who has spent an incredible amount of time and attention on this group. I loved it and fell down a long spiral into Highlight and Beast land. But, of course, with this spiral came all sorts of sad and mixed emotions. I love them terribly and I’m saddened by their pre-military situation wonderfully. 

So, I’m choosing not to write about the song or the greatness of the album. At least for now. 

What I AM going to write about is another post-military idol that has continued on his path as a singer and member of one of the biggest Kpop groups of all time – Yesung of Super Junior. Now, I freely admit that I am not an OG fan of SuJu, and though I am fairly familiar with their catalog and will absolutely give them credit as being one of the best live stages I have ever seen, they just aren’t my thing as a group. It’s likely partially an SM thing…I don’t always love the direction SM goes with their groups. BUT I do quite enjoy the solo or sub-unit work of many of the members of SM groups. It all gets a bit more interesting when they mix it up. 

Yesung is the main vocalist of Super Junior and has kind of a lovely soft voice that carries a bit of a gentleness that you miss out on in most of their title tracks. He has, however, been putting out singles, OSTs, and albums as a solo artist since 2010 and this is where you really get to see him shine. This past week, Yesung released his fourth mini album Beautiful Night, a seven-song album with a title track of the same name. But I’m not here for the title track, I’m here for the song Corazon Perdido (Lost Heart). It’s soft, romantic perfection. 

There isn’t an official music video for this song so you’ll just have to enjoy the dulcet tones through the link below, but man, I could build worlds to these lyrics. It starts very slowly with guitar, adds keys, and then adds his voice – every few seconds building in fullness until you have this big, orchestral crescendo. Shivers. It’s musical storytelling. 

I am so here for solo Yesung. 

Corazon Perdido (Lost Heart)





  • Reply Val May 10, 2021 at 12:17 pm

    Wow… that was gorgeous. Perfect for a rainy melancholy Monday.

  • Reply Stephanie May 10, 2021 at 10:33 pm

    He’s an elvin wonder.

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