SantaEarth Project Finally Revealed!

Posted by Stephanie on May 11, 2021

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In the BL world we’ve all heard the rumors before they were rumors. We saw the creation, the push of the SantaEarth pairing through Instagram, Twitter, TicTok, you know, whatever social media the kids are using nowadays. The fans, the management were pushing the couple as hard as they could before it was even announced that anything was ever going to happen.

And now finally, 6…8 months later? It’s official, the SantaEarth project is really happening.

So no idea of what or who I’m talking about? Well, if you’re here for the BL content (and stats say that literally ALL of you are), you’ll know that Earth is a popular BL actor who has been cast in a lot of movies and dramas through the years. Most recently he was the tragic character in Love By Chance, and then the tragic character in Until We Meet Again. (I see an unfortunate trend.) Tiny, charismatic, and an actually good actor, I’ve followed his Instagram, and have really hoped for him to get more leading roles. I mean… shout out if you feel like his character totally got the shaft in Love By Chance 2? The completely sad and completely unforgivable things this character went through simply because of who he was dating, his life ruined over a happenstance bothers me to this day. The fact that he gets barely a minute in the follow-up, his brother getting more screentime? I’m sorry, who am I more emotionally involved in? Who deserves his own happy ending more? I’ll give you one guess and you’d better guess right.

So yeah, I’ve been waiting around for him to have another chance at a drama.

The funny thing, and actually quite important to this story, is that when you look at the ages of the cast of Love By Chance, Earth, who played the youngest character, was actually one of the oldest, currently, he’s at 24. So there he was, happily doing his TicTok and insta, flirting the edges of “heck yeah, I’m gay, what are you going to do about it? I’m freaking adorable.” when someone started slipping into his videos. Liking them, guesting in them, having pictures of Earth on his own feed.

Enter Santa. (Thai nicknames, man.)

First off, you’re all, oooh he’s as cute as a button and he is totally hunting Earth down. Then you go, wait, how old is he? 17 now. 16 when all this started. It was cute but part of me was like ummmm…especially when Santa was so obviously the aggressor. Then, before everyone was up in arms, it was leaked that this was possibly a new pairing the agency was pushing. Trying to get some traction on the couple before officially casting the pair in something.

That’s the thing about BL. It’s a lot more about established pairings than one and done casting. You get the crowd wild about the pair and the people will come and watch any drama they are in. Examples: Max/Tul, Off/Gun, Boun/Prem, Kim/Copter, Tay/New the list literally goes on and on. While I don’t always love the push of couples, I think it makes it hard for the actors themselves, I can’t help but fall for it, I mean, who isn’t going to go out and watch everything Max/Tul stars in?

The rumors had quieted down, or at least I hadn’t seen the SantaEarth pop up on my feed lately, until a friend, BL lover, and my intel to the behind-the-scenes of the BL world sent me a link… Oh, it’s on bishes.

I was instantly excited, and then I watched it. YIKES does this look harsh? Why are they always casting Earth in something where he’s tortured for being gay? What the? I know, not everything always rainbows and accepting in real life, but this looks hard. Would it have been too much to ask for 12 episodes of these cuties being cute? Sigh. Also to be noted, at first, I groaned a little inside when they had Earth as a high schooler, but, I mean, he totally looks the part. He can pull off high schooler better than most of the other actors I’ve seen so, I guess I’m cool with that.

Anyway, there Is very little information out yet about this. MyDramaList has no description, and the cast appears to be huge, with a whose who of BL leads tucked up in there. I mentioned it in this month’s BL and Bubbles post, but it appears that this year the trend seems to be omnibus dramas with multiple pairings, so it could be falling under that. OR, again, looking at the cast listed there, perhaps there is so little information, they listed everyone from the Studio Wabisabi? I mean look at this roster:

And again, if you know BL, then you know this is a huge cast of, “Oh, I know him.” The series is currently listed as Seven Project, but I’ve also seen it listed as Would You Be My Love. Could be that Seven Project is the project name and Would You Be My Love is the actual title, or, if it is a multiple storyline show, could Would You Be My Love be the SantaEarth story? Too soon to tell! But everyone is very excited about this!

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