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Posted by SaraG on May 17, 2021



Watching the ups and downs of basically every single person in my life over the last year and a half has been both very painful and very inspiring. I made the decision about ten months into the pandemic to, as much as possible, come out of it all the same or a little better off than I was before we got the first case in my community. I never really defined what that meant, which makes meeting or exceeding goals a bit challenging, but I’ve never been good with defining success, I figure I’ll know it when it happens.

So, since the end of last year I’ve joined a wine club to learn what tasting notes I prefer, gotten a subscription to a fancy shampoo company that will make my fine, straight hair more voluminous and full of luster (results to come as the first shipment arrives this week), haven’t missed a workout or a run in a year, taken language lessons with a private tutor when time allowed, broken down and honed in on some skincare products to treat those bothersome red, dry patches, adopted another pup to love and dote on, and invested in my living space both for my own personal preferences and as an investment in our property. And, because I’m a middle-aged white woman who is completely susceptible to the pressures of society, I’ve worked on losing weight. 

Want to know what makes that last bit more of a challenge? Bread. I love bread. Really, I love almost all carbs. Like, a lot. If the red string of fate is real, mine probably leads directly to a bagel. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that either, carbs are fuel for our brains so I figure my complete adoration of all types of pretzels is making me SMARTER. Remember all of those workouts and runs I mentioned up there in paragraph two? Those are to balance out the muffins and treats I like to make when I have a spare moment – not to mention that my oldest kiddo has taken up the habit of comfort baking over the last year too.

The only other thing that in any way matches my love of carbs is my love of music. Sumin and Zion.T teamed up to put out one of the absolute loveliest marriages of decadence and good tunes with the song Creamppang. It’s a gorgeous R&B track written and produced by Sumin and arranged by Zion.T – both with one of the most unique voices which blend so beautifully together. The MV has the most wonderful depictions of love – from the gross realities we accept when we’re blinded by emotions to the physical depictions of those feelings themselves. The song, the visuals, and the pair themselves are witty, fun, delicious, and excellent brain food. Like the cream puffs the track is named for.  

Creamppang, Sumin and Zion.T


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  • Reply Val B May 17, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Love the song. It’s delightful. The video of that room…. wahhhhhh. I want to clean it so bad. I was mildly horrified the whole time. But yeah… accurate depiction of reality.

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