Watch – A – Thon: Preparing for a Break

Posted by Stephanie on May 18, 2021

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When I say I was preparing for a break, I meant both from watching… and from life. As you read this, I’m off with LizC on an epic adventure! We’re headed on a road trip that will ultimately take us to the Grand Canyon, but with stops at the Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, then up through Monument Park, and through the Arches. I’ve never been to any of these places, at all, and it’s been over a year, yeep, now over a year and a half since I’ve been anywhere at all. So packing up and getting ready is a thing, and since I’m going to be gone next week, this weekend was also a big watch-a-thon with Alix! We ended up watching both Saturday and Sunday, and ended up watching neither of the shows we’d anticipated!

So what did we watch? Welll….

First off, we fully expected to be sitting down for the final two episodes of HIStory 4: Close To You, but turns out the last episode wasn’t due out until Sunday. BUMMER. Since we didn’t want to watch episode 9 without 10, we moved on. The other show we were supposed to watch, was Lovely Writer. The not watching of this was really my fault as, I knew the last episodes were filled with angst and with my anxiety at an uncontrolled facial tic level, I just couldn’t do it, and Alix was good enough not to force the issue.

So again, what did we watch then?

We started out with a show we began last week, YDestiny, which is a show, technically about 7 friends finding love, but turns out, each friend gets their own storyline that doesn’t appear to overlap the rest, where they find that love and all we see is that storyline for two episodes. Episode one was….rough. Real rough. We were all…why are these guys already in love? Do we care? We watched one episode and decided, well, this will be a show we watch one episode at a time. So Saturday we started out with one episode. Which still was…eh…okay. But we convinced ourselves that better pairings were coming and, probably because we already had the channel set up to the TV, continued to push forward…and I’m glad we did! Apparently, this was a pairing that a lot of people were waiting for and was really cute. It’s like the writer actually attempted a plot with this one. I understood the characters and could see why they fell in love with each other. Turns out it was a pairing born from Why R U? which made me go…hey, Why R U? I liked that show and instantly downloaded some episodes to watch while I’m away. (I downloaded a bunch as I have no idea what I’m going to be interested in watching.)

I’m actually now eager to go back to the show and watch the other couples!

Episodes watched: 3

Then we moved onto one of my new favorites, Fish Upon the Sky. Alix described it as flirting the line of just being over the top without getting there, and she is completely correct. This show is adorable and completely wacky. While I love the storyline of Pi and Mork, and can’t wait for those crazy kids to actually get together (GAH, Mork is so just there and supportive.) I’ve actually really come to like the weird cuts with the brother, his ‘stalker’, and the vocal narrator he keeps breaking the third wall with. (Fourth wall? That seems right-er.) I love the story of “The Fifth Year Senior” and want to see what’s going to happen when his guy finds out the legendary fifth-year senior is his best friend. While super cute, it looks like we do have some angst coming, and really wonder what’s going to happen when Pi finds out that Mork is his secretive pen pal. My guess, not good things.

Episodes Watched: 3 (all caught up)


Then today was an unexpected call to BL action when HIStory 4 came out, I saw a clip and said: WOAH. Alix was like, get on over here Its 95% subbed, so I ran my errands and got on over there… only to find out it had downgraded from 95% subbed to 90% subbed and that’s too little subbing for our tastes…especially when it looks like they are actively working on it. (Post note, the show is now only at 91% subbed) So instead we GASP decided to go to another Taiwanese show that is…get this… NOT BL. Its called Love Is Science? and is about a woman, who is completely super cool, who runs a dating agency, who falls in love with a hairdresser who is 10ish years her junior and who had a crush on her since he was a kid… who she used to bribe with food to get details on his brother who SHE had a crush on. Sounds creepy but it’s adorable and the fact that she STILL calls him little piggy is just too cute. Now technically everyone around her thinks she’s married, and though she still wears her wedding ring, she’s actually been divorced for 9 years. We haven’t met the husband but we have seen him in some pretty unflattering flashbacks. The synopsis says he comes back to woo her again, and she has to choose between the two, but he’s not even in the credits, it’s pretty obvious who she is going to end up with. And if she doesn’t, I’m officially giving up on dramas.

How did we choose this? Why do you ask? No alternative motive here!! Okay, there may be a secondary BL storyline, but really, that hasn’t even happened yet, and I’m pretty endeared with the show. It’s funny and sweet.

Episodes Watched: 2 (but they are 1+ episodes and we should get credit for that)


Finally (yes finally, don’t judge us!) we picked up a new drama that’s been on the lists for a little while called, Second Chance. What I can say about this show is it starts out bad. Real Bad. Like, bad quality bad. Like, we had to have MyDramaList open to remind us who the characters were bad. ‘Wait, who’s that? And why is he beating up that kid again?” bad. It’s a high school drama (DUDE. Where Alix revealed one of the actors is TWENTY NINE!) with three couples who are all getting second chances at love. I’m most involved with the Jeno and Chris storyline, but I’ll be interested where Sky and Paper end up. There’s another couple, Near and M, who are listed as supporting cast, but really their build-up is getting just as much screentime as the other couples. (And yes, that’s me flexing that I know all their names. Alix made a cheat sheet.)

Is this the best show in the world? No. But it’s getting better as the show is going on! And its only 6 episodes, so a real easy watch!

Episodes Watched: 3 (So yes, we are now halfway through the show. 

Very productive and super relaxing. It was everything I needed this weekend. Thanks Alix!


So if you’re interested in what I’ve downloaded for the trip as possibilities to watch, I’ve got Law, that Kim Bum law school show, Navillera, the old man who decides to finally follow his dream to become a male ballerina. Side note: To get to that title it was like 6 degrees of separation. I knew the face of the older man’s wife, didn’t know her name but knew she was in that movie where the grandmother gets her picture taken and becomes her younger self, couldn’t remember the name of that either, but I did remember Jinyoung from B1A4 played her grandson, so had to reverse search it from there. I’m actually quite pleased with myself. I have a few episodes of Why R U, some episodes of the Chinese show Hello Mr Gu and… some Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, but those are really more for the drive.

Now wish me luck! Mostly so we don’t end up like this…

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