This Ain’t About You!

Posted by Stephanie on May 19, 2021


Nope, this post ain’t about you, it ain’t even about me. It’s about Wonho and his new colab video with Kiiara.

As I am an official, card-carrying Wenee (seriously, they send you a card with your name on it), and I’m currently touring the westward states with the ULTIMATE WONHO FAN, LizC, it seemed only fair that I do a post about his newest release and I want to say first-ever colab since becoming a solo artist.

Now, this might be me being a bad Wenee, but I didn’t even know this video was coming out! I happened to be looking for something to listen to while working on Friday and scroll, scroll, scroll, waiiit a minute, what is that? Scroll, scroll back up. A new Wonho video? Sorry work, I know I have a deadline on this project but Mama needs, NO, deserves a shirtless Wonho break. (Come on, because we all knew, even without seeing it, that at some point, Wonho was going to be shirtless.) I mean, I think it’s probably written into my contract somewhere, I’ll work from 7-5 but reserve the right to take a shirtless Wonho break whenever I deem it necessary. It’s probably like a mental health thing, right?

So I breaked, I watched, and it’s great!

The song itself, from his latest album Love Synonym, is actually catchy as hell. It’s all in English so, it helps that earworm really borough in (ew. sorry for that visualization). And the video is crazy pretty. And yes, Wonho gets shirtless. A lot. I love to see how well he’s doing as a solo artist. While we all knew he had it in him, I know fans were all worried after his removal from Monsta X. But he’s proven with all of the solid music he’s been able to put out, that he has the talent and the drive to continue to succeed.

Proud day to be a Wenee.

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