Musical Monday – Passers By

Posted by SaraG on May 24, 2021


When I was a young 90’s kid in college, one of my fav movies was Sliding Doors. I love the idea of one tiny happenstance completely changing the outcome of someone’s life – like if I hadn’t been stopped by another student to chat, would I have been the one to find that big money scratch off in the parking lot? Or if I had signed up for a different offering of a class, would I have found a different college boyfriend to fall madly in love with? Maybe one that didn’t write poetry or use my meal card?

In many ways, it’s silly to think along those lines. There is absolutely no way to know what could have been as a million different decisions and occurrences influence everything that happens. But man, could I have ended up with some young up-and-coming hot Korean actor if I studied in Seoul instead of Glasgow? Sometimes it’s pleasant to think about those possibilities or to ponder what might be waiting for you around every corner or in every coffee shop if you just take the moment to look around and pounce on an opportunity. 

Heize, one of our treasured singer-songwriters, released eight new glorious songs this week to include features by Changmo, Kim Feel, An Ye Eun, and Gary. It’s all right in her emotional R&B alley and a pleasure to listen to whether you’re enjoying the sunshine on the back porch, curled up on the couch while it rains, or stuck in your office when you’d rather be doing ANYTHING ELSE. I have to admit, I was counting down the days to this release in no small part because the MV features Song Joong Ki as Heize’s fated loved interest. They weave through the story, missing each other time after time until they finally pause to take in their surroundings. It’s beautifully directed, they are both stunning, and the chemistry is lovely. To top it off, I actually really love the song. Heize is consistent – sometimes a little too consistent – in her songs and they can be a titch forgettable. This is not to say that they aren’t expertly written, produced, or performed, but they can sound a bit the same. The tracks on this album, the title track Happen in particular, break that mold a bit for me. I’m very much enjoying it. 

Plus, SJK. My love for him remains strong. 

Happen, Heize

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  • Reply Stephanie May 24, 2021 at 11:40 pm

    Haize AND SJK??? This song was like they were gunning for you.

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