KPop Is Coming To Town!

Posted by Stephanie on May 25, 2021


In a sign of hopeful things to come, it was announced this week that Monsta X has officially rescheduled their North American Tour! Which makes me wonder. How do we feel about this?

This isn’t the first time their tour, originally scheduled I want to say for summer 2020 was rescheduled. The first time, we all knew in our heart of hearts that it was a fake date. That the dates were so soon, there wasn’t even a deployed vaccine yet, we were all under heavy lockdown. We knew this was a date just to put out a date in order to once again reschedule. There was no way we were ready to go to a big venue of people, crammed in together, masks or no, to see a show. Now, in May 2021, where we’re looking at a pretty good vaccine result show, the possibility of concerts coming back is a real thing.

I mean, it had to happen eventually? Why not start with Monsta X?

Oddly, I’m a little excited about the prospect. While yes, they did reschedule the show, the tour isn’t even going to be until next April which is, looking at that calendar, almost a year away. I was going to say, unless something drastic happens we’ll be ready for it, but I think we’ve all learned not to talk in broad sweeps like that, it’s almost like we’re courting danger. Realistically though, even a month ago, Red Rocks announced their concert lineup for spring and summer. Festivals are coming back. And that’s for this year. By this time next year? I’d like to think that I could be in a place where I can be shoulder to shoulder with a stranger and not have an internal panic attack. (But then again, I’m a fully vaccinated woman who still wears her face mask everywhere.)

I wonder what concerts in the future will be like. Are they going to try and resell fewer tickets? How many of you out there kept your tickets all this time? I know that the Denver crew here dumped theirs when we were able to. In our new post-COVID concert world high touches still going to be a thing? While I like giving the classic “Good Job, Good Job, Good Job” to band members I’ve only seen that close on my tv while giving them an awkward hi-five, is it safe? I want my favorite groups to be as healthy as they possibly can be, and if that means, no high touches, no getting within breathing room of the group, then I’m okay with that.

Since the tour is so far away, I also wonder, does that mean there is a possibility for other groups or artists to come earlier? We know Kpop tours can be set up and announced faster than you can imagine especially for the smaller artists. Is this just the start of the touring season? I always thought that they’d probably wait, start doing touring in their own country before branching out to foreign lands, so I think we have a while.

Ugh, this also means I need to brace myself for actually putting money out there to travel if I should choose to do so. I’ve realized this last year just how much money I was spending on going to Kpop concerts and I’m not certain I want to be in a place where I continue to do that. So then how would I choose? Make a list and stick to it no matter who might pop up? Or go to what tickles my fancy as it’s been a long dry year and who knows how long it’s going to be before someone on my list comes up?

Luckily for me, with Monsta X, I won’t have to decide. While it appears they have narrowed down the cities they are traveling to, Denver is still on there. So woot-woot! Denver is back in line to getting its first major Kpop show! If they come here, it’s a given that all the herd will go. Not only that but we may even have some of our nearest and dearest fly here for it. AND, awwww Kpop Newbie Val will be able to go to her first show, and we’ll all be there to experience it!

All right, I might be getting a little excited. I still wonder, a year from now, if it’s going to be the entire Monsta X crew as sooner or later they are going to have to start going to the military. Unless Shownu’s continued eye issues rule him out? But then I’d guess he’d still get civil duty. Who knows? I do know though, it’s nice to see signs of things coming back together.

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