Musical Monday – That’s How I Like My Dessert

Posted by SaraG on May 31, 2021


I quite enjoy really large groups for a myriad of reasons – the least of which isn’t that if a member decides or has the decision made for them to move on, the group isn’t destroyed. However, when a group has more than about five members, it can get a bit tactically complicated to give folks enough time in the limelight. Producers are either forced to give everyone the requisite handful of lines in a four-minute song or the group runs a risk of a ‘main vocal and his/backup dancers’ situation. And that’s never a good look when we’re dying to hear so and so do his thing occasionally. 

As we all know, Seventeen has thirteen members…that’s a lot of voices to squish into a single track and this is why I am fully in support of subunits and solo releases. Their albums always have subunit tracks and the members have really started to branch out into their own things. The 8’s song was lovely, Hoshi’s Spider was killer, and now Mingyu and Wonwoo have gone and teamed up with Lee Hi for another pretty amazing single I’ll personally be spending a lot of time with. 

The song is a bit jazzy with a vintage aesthetic, albeit definitely with a contemporary twist. Both of these delightful idols are in the hip hop unit in Seventeen, but just as with all of the other members, they are both a triple threat – rapping, singing, and dancing. This song very much takes advantage of those vocal skills. It is in no way the typical rap number that you might get from a Kpop group’s hip-hop line. 

The MV stars Mingyu and Wonwoo and their lady friend frolicking through the night, having a blast in the rain. It’s obvious that both of our heroes are in love with the beautiful and fun heroine. A – dare I say it – bittersweet love triangle. It’s a whole drama wrapped up in a three-minute song…with plenty of time for Mingyu, Wonwoo, and Lee Hi to all shine. I won’t tell you the end, because you shouldn’t spoil a good story. 

Bittersweet, Mingyu and Wonwoo (ft. Lee High)

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