BL and Bubbles Calendar: June

Posted by Stephanie on June 2, 2021


Wow, I think this is the first time I’ve actually been so close to the first of the month getting the updated BL schedule out! I think it might be because I have BL on the brain. I know, you’re going to say, “Don’t you always have BL on the brain?” And I can’t say that you’re wrong. But, this week I can say the tide is especially high considering we just passed the holiday weekend and I spent a good portion of it catching up on some BL watching with my partner in BL and Bubble Tea crime, Alix. We watched so much and some of it was really good!

May Report Card:

Completed Shows
We Best Love – Fighting Mr Second – LOVED. Instantly told everyone I know to watch it. They watched it and they loved it.
Close Friend – This was super cute!
HIStory 4 – Close To You –

Currently Watching
YDestiny – Make it past the first two episodes and then it gets super cute.
Lovely Writer – Used to love it?
Second Chance –  Meeeeh
Fish Upon the Sky – LOVE

I know I usually say more, but some of these I think I actually want to do a whole post on, so I’m just giving thought snippets for now. But seriously, watch the We Best Love series.

June 9th

Lovely Writer Special Episode (1 Eps)

2 years have passed…
Will the love of Gene and Nubsib still be the same?
Or will deception change everything?

Will We Watch? Okay, here’s the thing. We are three episodes away from finishing Lovely Writer. While we’re absolutely going to finish it, I’m not looking forward to it. I’m afraid of where they are taking the story and this teaser doesn’t calm those fears down at all. This couple is so, well, lovely, I don’t want to ruin it.


June 11th

Stuck On You (8 Eps)

We all have our fantasies. We’d all like to believe that dreams do come true. At least once in our lives, we’ve dreamed of having the perfect love story. But life isn’t a fairy tale.

One hopeless romantic. One emotionally unavailable. What could go wrong?

After what was originally supposed to be just a hook up, JM aka and Reb aka @trueloveskiss are made to look beyond their desires and genuinely get to know each other better when they’re forced to lockdown with each other. Will 14 days lead to forever?

Will We Watch? We haven’t yet really watched a Filipino show this year, while I didn’t love the preview, I do love Filipino BLs so I can’t say its not going to happen.


June 15th

Country Boy – Movie

A Northern language Thai Yaoi film set in Chiang Mai countryside.

Will We Watch? While we don’t really do a lot of movies, with BL schedules getting lighter, we’re going to have to branch out, plus? We have an affinity for Chiang Mai and can’t wait to be able to actually go there. (Looks like Thailand is starting to open to forieng visitors in the big vacation areas, hopefully the rest of the country will be soon!)


June 16h

Bed Weather – The Series (13 Eps)

Have you experienced loneliness in the middle of a storm? As though there’s something missing… As though you need someone to share your life with in this cuddle weather.

Will We Watch? This one was actually announced a few months ago, but something must have happened and it was pushed back to June. Anyone want to bet if it will actually happen?


July 23rd

Golden Blood (8 Eps)

The love story between a strict protector and a rebellious boss. Sky is a young master and the son of a mafia boss. Sun is the bodyguard who was sent by Sky’s father to protect him. But in the end, they fall in love with each other. How will they face Sky’s father?

Will We Watch? The original Techno from Love By Chance? HECK YeAH WE’RE GOING TO WATCH!


Dramas Missed Previously

Siew Sum Noi (12 Eps)

What will happen when a young footballer and a handsome net idol get accepted to a college in Bangkok? There, they both conceal their origin as Northeastern children.

Our handsome net idol is the last heir to his family’s business. He is his family’s only hope to save their business, but he continues to refuse taking over, as he feels it does not fit his idol image. A problem then arises with a skilled footballer player who recently moved from Isan to purse his dream of becoming a national player.

Fate is still playing tricks on them as they are thrown together in their Isan hometown during the semester break. As they continue to face problems, they start to establish a relationship that may be more than friends. How long can they keep their secret from everyone? What will happen to the family business? And how will their relationship end?

Will We Watch? This one looks super cute! Downside, it also appears to be one that’s harder to get our hands on.


Reuan Rom Ngiw (27 Eps)

Malaai is unwillingly set up to marry Luang Wisarn, who own Rom Ngiew house, without realizing that he’s gay. This is the beginning of a love tragedy story.

Will We Watch? Tragedy love story? You had me at no.


#HateTag (10 Eps)

5 Directors of 10 short films about social media and bullying.

Will We Watch? Meeeehhhhhhhhhh seems more angst than what I’m looking for.


Love is Science? (20 Eps)

Yan Fei is the CEO of the Love Science Marriage Agency. She uses Big Data to help countless singles find a well-suited life partner. Fei reunites with a friend whom she has always seen like a brother, while he’s been pining after her for years.
His timing could not be the worse, as Fei’s handsome ex-husband arrives unannounced, seeking reconciliation. Is China big enough for the two of them?
According to Big Data’s analysis, just who might be the right guy for Fei?
Will she bravely choose her brotherly friend next door, who makes her feel beloved, or will she opt for her ex-husband, who is quite temperamental?

May the most romantic and healing relationship be the beginning of love’s redemption.

Will We Watch? If you saw this and thought to yourself, “This seems off”, you guessed it, this is a drama with a hetro main couple, but there is a pretty predominant BL side couple and since this is one I’m actually already watching, it seemed right to add it to the list. SUPER cute!


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