Khottie of the Week: BTOB’s Minhyuk!

Posted by Stephanie on June 7, 2021

Khottie of the Week

In another run of hotties I didn’t know about and should have, this weekend I was introduced to the shirtlesss wonder that is Minhyuk from BtoB. I saw him on screen and was instantly smitten. Let’s chat.

How did all this happen you ask?

I mean BtoB has been around for a while.

So long that all of their present members are post-military.

POST military.


This gentleman has already done his service.

You know what that means.

Fully age-appropriate(ish)

It also makes me wonder.

How has he not been a khottie yet?

I mean, granted, I didn’t know about him.

But in the time that he’s been khottie eligible, we’ve had may a member working the khottie desk.

And yet we let this one slip by.

I wouldn’t have even known if SaraG hadn’t invited me over to watch the Kingdom performances this weekend.

I haven’t been watching Kingdom and I can’t see my favorite groups go through that.

But apparently, the performances have been AMAZING, so when SaraG decided to do a show performance recap, she invited me over for a watch.

For the most part I was alllll… okay, there’s BtoB.

Then I noticed him.


I’m not going to say his apparent allergy to shirts had anything to do with that knowledge.

She says while shifting her eyes to the side.

But it was definitely my howdy do moment from the show.

Sure, great performance, great performance.

But did you see Minhyuk?

Isn’t it nice to meet new people?

Of course, then SaraG decided I needed to meet his alter ego, Huta.

Hello Huta, nice to meet you, too!

Let’s be friends.

Special friends.

No eye shift here…

All kidding aside, it’s always nice to come out of these things with an unexpected appreciation for new people and groups.

While I’m not coming out of this a huge BtoB fan.

I am an appreciator of some the huge talent living within the group.

And also, Minhyuk’s shirtlessness.


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  • Reply DBChen September 27, 2021 at 4:19 am

    Could we get a Peniel K Hottie post too? He’s a member of BTOB, but I first heard about him regarding his hair loss issue and then from the Get Real podcast with Ashley of Ladies Code and BM from KARD.

    Then I watched Kingdom and was like “oh, it’s that guy!”

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