Musical Monday – Bring on the Summer Songs

Posted by SaraG on June 14, 2021


Did you ever have that one particular piece of clothing or a pair of shoes that just made you feel better? You can’t really wear them during a particular season or at certain times in your life and then you stumble upon them randomly again and all of the sudden you feel like you again? I’ve had various pieces over the years that fit into that category and it’s always a tiny miracle when you find just the right thing that carries your personality and great memories all smashed up and accessible. 

Ha Sungwoon, former member of Hotshot and Wanna One, is now an adorable and crazy talented solo artist. He’s got a hefty list of writing and production credits and plenty of award nominations and wins to his name proving he’s got the know-how and skill to make it this industry and the drive to pick himself up when things get tough, brush himself off, and make another go of it. He’s damn good at taking a sentiment – like this attachment to something that brings you back to that time or place where you felt happiest – and turning it into this amazing combination of musical theater and solid, universal pop.

He kind of sparkles. 

This last week, our lovely soloist released a seven-track mini including the song Sneakers, a kicky little number really hammering home that sometimes, when you’re stuck in a rut, you can find that little something that reminds you to enjoy life. It’s really quite darling and a fabulous summer song of the truest Kpop variety. Upbeat, danceable, and completely inoffensive…which might not seem like the best compliment, but trust me, after the year I’ve had, competent and inoffensive are two of the best things I can say about most people or projects. 

Ha Sungwoon is both of these things in spades and his summer sensibility is perfection.

Sneakers, Ha Sungwoon


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  • Reply Val June 14, 2021 at 11:24 am

    Everything about this was a bop! The catchy melody, bubblegum hair, perfect styling, and videography… so delightful. Really needed a bright song to jam to this week. Excellent selection as always.

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