Kingdom: Ashin of the North! Zombies Be Coming

Posted by Stephanie on June 16, 2021


In a surprise turn of events, we’re getting some more Kingdom… now to clarify I mean zombie Kingdom not idol Kingdom, although wouldn’t it be great to have some sort of crossover, very special episode? Anyway, there’s a new episode of Kingdom coming!

I didn’t actually see this coming. I mean, we all know season of the popular Netflix Joseon Zombie Series ended on a cliff hanger, not only a bit of an unsatisfying ending, but also one where they threw in a brand new character almost with a “Tada!” leaving watchers going, what? Turns out, they were planning a third season based around this surprise character. Huh. Okay.

But here we are, a year later, and no third season, instead we are getting a very special episode called Kingdom: Ashin of the North which does base around this woman, apparently named Ashin. I’m guessing she comes from the north. The story is going to be told from her point of view, and is the origin story of the resurrection plant. And for those of you not in the know, the resurrection plant makes zombies.

I’m not sure why I’m feeling so meh about this! Are we getting another season? Is this in place of that season? OR. Oooh this is interesting, what if everyone was like, yeah, we’re not here for what’s her face, bring back the no longer crowned prince and all our other favorite characters! What if Netflix and the writers heard that¬† and had this conversation?

Writer One: Well, that didn’t go well.
Writer Two: Nope, what do we do? Obs no one wants our third season.
Writer One: We turn the third season into a single episode, catch everyone up on who this B be, and then go into the real third season where she joins our gang of zombie killers?

I mean, it makes sense to me. Otherwise why come out with a single extra episode? Or another theory, could they be teasing us to see if we’re interested in watching another season at all?

Here’s the thing. Its not like I’m NOT going to watch it. All of us who watched season one and two are going to watch it. Its a continuation of our Netflix Joseon Zombie Series and, since it is on Netflix, we know its not going to be yanked off the air for historical backlash (like that show earlier this year), so sign me up. I’m just not as crazy excited for it as I was in previous seasons. There is, however, a trailer, so lets watch that and see if that gets those Joseon zombie juices churning

Eh. Though, I’ll say, I’m not going to give up as it doesn’t appear to be a teaser – teaser but an announcement that its coming. My guess is there will be more teasers to come. OOOhhh though with the episode premiering July 25, I’m going to be in Vermont the McFeeleys. When I went there for Christmas 2019, we watched season 1 together, they then watched season 2, and now we can watch this together.

Okay, now I’m excited.

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