Throwback (Musical) Thursday – The Absurdity of Summer

Posted by SaraG on June 17, 2021


Speaking of summer songs…because we were talking a bit about them on Monday…I thought it was time to pop one of the best on the site. I mean, we’ve gotten Shinee’s View on here, but we have never dedicated a post to the earworm perfection that is KO KO BOP. Seriously, does it get any more beachside, outdoor bar than this song? I don’t think so. And with the temps hitting the hundreds this week, I, for one, desperately need some season-appropriate music to pull me through.

EXO is amazing. For a million reasons, they truly are one of the greatest Kpop groups of all time. I say this coming from one of the most self-aware places I can manage. I love EXO, but their music rarely hits me on release date. In fact, I often need a few listens before I can throw myself into it with any sort of passion. And then, out of nowhere, all of the sudden, I’m humming one of their songs to myself while I do the most mundane things. When they pop up on a mix or someone throws on one of their millions of hits, I realize I know every beat of almost every song. I’ve seen countless hours of videos and stages they’ve released, and I know things about all of the members I can’t even remember absorbing. Why do I know this stuff? They aren’t a bias group at all. 

Or are they? Are they like that person that had a locker next to you for all of high school that you never really thought about until it was time to say goodbye? Turns out, they gave you so much of the laughter you enjoyed over the last four years, you know their favorite foods, you know everything about the argument they had with their mom in sophomore year that still bothers them, you know they plan to propose to their sweetheart in the coming weeks and you helped pick the ring out of a magazine in between advanced bio and study hall. They’ve integrated themselves so thoroughly into your life, you can’t really imagine not having them around – not as your romantic lead, but as that constant touchpoint to remind you that life doesn’t have to be super complicated in order for it to be meaningful. 

Sometimes you need EXO dropping pastel candies into an unknown liquid or dancing in a parking garage in order to remind yourself that life is just fine. They’ll be there for you, to sing all the summer hits, whenever you need them. 


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