Khottie of the Week: A.C.E [Siren:Sun]

Posted by Stephanie on June 20, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Shiver me timbers, it’s time for a new A.C.E comeback! As their last one came just as I was cultivating my A.C.E love (I’d call it an obsession but that feels like it taints this feeling between us) I was THRILLED with all of the pictures that came out to tease us in advance. Every release was digging my A.C.E love just a little bit deeper with every go. Due to the timing, we had an A.C.E Khottie for each member, and then a special highlight for the Favorite Boy pictures. Swooooon.

Since it’s been about a year, all of us Choice (did you know I’m official now? I love them so much I put a ring on it and am eagerly awaiting my Choice fandom membership box) knew, or hoped something was coming. What we didn’t expect was Siren. Or, what is going to be Siren: Moon, Siren: Sun, Siren: Eclipse as this was the first time they’ve hopped on the multiple version bandwagon and are giving three different versions, which means, three different concepts and styles. Three different ways to murder us. I’m not going to admit to anything, but this may be my first time buying all versions of an album.

As they decided to release all of the album photos bit by bit, all of my chats were filled with daily A.C.E pics and chats. It’s been awesome. Every day has been little presents and gasps as, no lie, they are all wow and while viewing these Khottie posts, you’re probably going to want to brace yourselves. Val sent us this meme this morning and…it seems pretty accurate…

Since I don’t think I could pick and choose pictures, leaving some out, and I don’t want khottie to be too long, and, well, hell, each picture and concept needs its time to shine, each of these albums is getting its own post. BECAUSE I CAN. I feel like this might be why I set up this website all those years ago. Something out there in the universe knew this was going to happen, and I needed to be ready.

So, without further ado, Siren:Sun


Look at these pics and tell me he doesn’t look like some romance novel hero?

We saw these pics and then spent a good portion of the day discussing just what the title of his book would be…

If you’re wondering? I went with The Viscount Next Door.


Love the purple on him, if anyone can pull off this moody, dreamy concept, it’s Donghun.

The gauze sweater paw is impressive.

There was a lot of discussion about this flash of nipple. If only we new what was coming…


We are so happy to have Wow back from his break!

We don’t even mind the coffee filters he’s wearing as sleeves.

The blue hair is so flattering.

Kim Byeongkwan

Maybe you should brace yoruself for this.

The others are dreamy and lovely.

BK went another, steamier direction.

We approve.


Chan says what about me.

We say don’t worry buddy….

We would never!

And he says, that’s what I thought.



Okay, I realized who its.


What book he’s from.

Its Mr Darcy.




This was my heart gulp moment.




This one though.

I’m getting Ophelia vibes.

Which hurts my heart a bit.

Kim Byeongkwan


Is that glitter in his hair?

Was he shippwrecked with glitter?

I approve.


Group Shots!

These are the BEST!

Your eye just doesn’t know where to focus.

Too much dynamic pretty on the page.

Where do I go, what do I look at?

Please help!

You THINK this would easily be the version I’d choose, and I’d easily agree, if the other versions that are coming aren’t just as amazing. If these guys are sirens, sign me up. Just tell me where they need me to point my boat so I can run it ashore! Ahoy Matey!


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