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Posted by SaraG on June 21, 2021


Two years ago, a whole lot of idols we love started going into the military because of age, because of the change in the law, and slightly more recently because of COVID. I’m experienced in this whole idol going in situation and I’ve seen a lot of soulmates enlist and eventually get discharged. The time actually passes incredibly quickly and is, in reality, a nice opportunity to pay attention to other, newly developing relationships with some of the fresh crop of groups and idols. It doesn’t mean we don’t miss them, it just means that they are doing their duty and we, as fans, are coping in a mature and healthy way. They take a break, lead their lives, and we adjust to new surroundings. 

But now, over the last several months, we are seeing so many of those that we’ve been missing being discharged, taking some time to adjust to life out of uniform, and jumping back into work with new music, acting, or both. It’s been a real pleasure seeing Xiumin back with EXO, Minhyuk doing solo work and BtoB engagements, and a couple of members of 2PM making the group whole again. Because life has been so hectic and complicated the last couple of years, it feels like time has flown. I swear I just watched Hoya in a brand new drama and he just released his goodbye song. And yet, not only is he out (since December 2020), he’s recently released a lovely little three-track single.

For those that are unfamiliar, Hoya was a rapper, vocal, and main dancer in Infinite. When his contract ended in 2017 he made the decision to not re-up with Woollim or Infinite. It was a blow to the group, but with his incredible talent, he’s done quite well for himself as an actor, dancer, and singer. He’s lovely. 

The new single, 1AM, features the title track Stay With Me. And while I quite like it and its simple, black and white video, I have to say, I immediately preferred the third song on the single, I Don’t Give A. There isn’t an mv for it, but because I get to choose what we listen to, I’m choosing this one. Close your eyes and enjoy. Great bass line, emotional vocals, sexy, oh so very Hoya. 

Yes, please. More of this, please. 

I Don’t Give A, Hoya

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