Kingdom: Ashin of the North Teaser Revealed!

Posted by Stephanie on June 22, 2021


Sometimes I think its so funny how timing works out. Just last week, I did a post on the new Kingdom episode, Kingdom: Ashin of the North and its lackluster teaser, which was really just an expensive announcement video. This week? As I’m trolling Youtube avoiding writing my post? Poof, there it is, not only one teaser but two!

Is it me or is it weird that they are released on the same day? If you’re trying to tease this thing, don’t you want to do a little something every day or every week? Building up to the big reveal? Or in this case the release of the episode? It makes me go… did someone accidentally press the send button too early?

If you missed last week’s post and are a Kingdom fan or a fan of Joseon Zombie dramas, Kingdom is coming back for a single extra episode set in the north and is about the history behind the resurrection flower, the cause of all this, and a girl, also of the north who… fights the zombies? Protects the flower? Too soon to tell.

Anyway, I really am trying to pump myself up for this show so I’ve decided to recreate the original Kindom watching experience. I have the trailers queued up on my tv, I have the lights out, scary movie blanket on hand. All that’s missing from my horror-watching kit is my bag of Twizzlers… because today is Monday and I’m only allowed to eat junk on Saturday.

Trailer 1

Okay, so I was supposed to finish this post last night, buuuuuuttt., one dark room, plus a lap no longer holding a computer, plus one cat I’m babysitting equals:


So there were two teasers but they are so incredibly the same, I’m only going to post one. I come out of this with a lot of questions, probably more so than when I went in. Do animals randomly become zombies when they eat the plant? Did Ashin start the zombie craze by feeding the plant to her mom? She seems to be wanting revenge, but on who? And why? Did someone not let her use the plant so she’s unleashed it on everyone? Or did she want to use the plant but someone else already got there?

The one thing I can tell is that the episode seems to follow her along as she grows up, probably ending right where she pops up onscreen at the end of season two. I can’t say that I’m any more excited about this than I was, the teaser didn’t give me the ‘Oh heck yeah, sign me up and please add me to your mailing lists for all future promotions’ feeling. Since there is still about a month left before this episode is released on Netflix, there’s time for more teasers, more poster, more whatever it is that’s out there to lure us in. I’ll be on the watch for them as I really do want to be lured in, it just hasn’t happened yet.

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