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Khottie of the Week

Part two of the Stephanie Adores A.C.E collection…ahem or the Khottie of the Week. This week we’re going to focus on the images from the Eclipse version of the Siren: Dawn album. In the previous edition, we had A.C.E as dreamy romance heroes or underwater…mermen? Or just wet dreamy romance heroes. I’ve heard it both ways. In Eclipse they really decided to take the Siren concept and ran with it. They could be sirens…they could be vampires. I think it’s up to you.


No shirts and leather/pleather pants?

Chains and his delightful floppy hair?



The purple and red mixture really makes you say howdy-do.

The chains add to the vampire aesthetic.

Look, he’s so vampy, he’s nibbling on himself!. You don’t have to do that, Donghun. That’s what you have us for.


I see Wow as some goth.

Want to sit out back in this booth while I nibble you?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Kim Byeongkwan

Siren? Goth? Vampire?

‘Byeongkwan apparently decided to go all three.

I mean, why choose?


Have to say, Eclipse wasn’t my favorite of the three, but Chan MURDERED it.

He says, oh, I’m not your number one bias?

How about now? Stop it Chan, stop it!



I loove the group shots of all three.

So much pretty in one place.

Your eye doesn’t know where to go.

What to look at so you just hover around like a frantic butterfly.

That might be the most swoonable picture of the lot.

Chan and Jun are KILLING it.

Oh wait, we’re back in the water. Now we’re dark water sirens again.

Thought this picture of Byeongkwan and Wow reminds me of Lord of the Rings. You know the water where all the dead from the previous war lay? That shouldn’t be sexy and yet?

You know how I said that the Jun/Chan shot was my favorite. I think I changed my mind and it’s this trio in the water.

I may have made one of these my phone background.

Now, I can’t tell if the Veiled pictures are supposed to be in this collection. They have the lace, buuut, they are clearly labled as Veiled and not Eclipse, so I’m leaving them out. I may add them to next week’s post or highlight them all their own… if you’ve seen them you’ll understand why they may just deserve their own post.

Did you see the video? Did you love it?

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