Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Eric Nam, Still Stealing Hearts

Posted by Stephanie on July 1, 2021


If you’ve been wondering why we’re a little light on posts this week, Kchat took a minibreak! It was an accident. For the first time since precovid, SaraG has been able to take some time off and headed across the country to visit family in Pennsylvania. At the same time, Alix twisted my arm and convinced me to give up the comfort of my bed, daily showers, and access to flushing toilets to join her in the wilds of Colorado. She’s trixy that one. She said “Hey you want to…” and I said, “Sign me up.” Of course, as soon as get up to the middle of nowhere, SaraG realized we forgot to set up her parent’s IP address to the site’s security system. WHOOPS.

So, now that I’m back in town, sitting on my couch, all clean and not smelling, I’m pitch-hitting for her.

Since we Denverites are in fact living in Denver, to get to the middle of nowhere, there were hours and hours of car ride to get to our ultimate destination, Steamboat Springs State Park. This means one thing… deep meaningful conversations between two friends where we begin to understand each other on a deeper level, coming out of the experience knowing a little bit more about each other and ourselves. LAUGH. Just kidding. We listened to Kpop. It was Alix’s car, so Alix’s phone attached and Alix’s playlist escorting us along. It’s interesting how two friends who both love Kpop can have playlists that are so completely different.

There were a few songs though, throughout the trip that would periodically pop up that were cross-overs between her loves and mine, and this Sarah Barrios song was one of them.

Sarah Barrios you say? How is that kpop? Technically, you have a good point. Does the fact that it features Eric Nam, an artist who sometimes sings in Korean but here sings entirely in English allow it to be considered Kpop? I don’t think it does. Which actually makes me excited for Eric. I just love to see how and where his career takes him. And Kpop, not kpop, this song is so freaking beautiful, I don’t think it really matters what side of the line this song finds itself.

I know that this is actually a song that all of us here in Denver love. Introduced to us by SaraG (so technically, she is still part of this post!) this is one of those songs that just gets me right in my heart every time I listen to it. If I let myself I could probably give a few of those good song feelz cries. You know what I am talking about. That song that just gets you in the stomach where, when you’re having a really rough day, you just listen to it over and over again, just helping yourself feel better by letting it all out.

Spoiler Alert: You’re absolutely going to see this song on my top 50 song list of the year whether we consider it Kpop or not. Good music is good music.

Sarah Barrios (Featuring Eric Nam), Have We Met Before

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