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Posted by Stephanie on July 2, 2021


It’s not often I pay that close attention to movies, I’m more drama girl. But every now and then, something will capture my eye and will make me go, I NEED TO SEE THAT. Last year it was the summertime zombie flick #Alive, this year apparently it’s the new disaster flick, Sinkhole.

How have I moved so far away from my romantic comedy roots?

That’s the thing though, I haven’t. My summertime guilty pleasure was always watching terrible disaster movies on the syfy channel on holidays with my roommate while we ate potato salad. So many bad disaster (mostly weather themed) movies were consumed along with that potato salad, so many memories. Apparently, after all these years, it’s stuck with me, and when I what looks like a campy summertime movie, I said, I AM IN. COUNT ME IN. RIGHT NOW.

The show bases around a fancy apartment building where someone just bought a unit and his bad luck? The building sinks into a sinkhole taking him and many of the building’s residents with it. From there they must get out.

How awful and awesome does that sound??? There’s even a trailer that takes those ‘I need to see this movie’ feelings and amps them up about three hundred more points:

It reminds me of one of my favorite bad summertime disaster movies, The Posideon Adventure, we’re not talking the motion picture, we’re talking the terrible mini-series with Steven Guttenburg.

I am now trying to guestimate how long it’s going to take for Sinkhole to reach Netflix. Last year, I think #Alive came out in July and we were watching it on Netflix in August? Maybe September? We were watching it outside and I remember having a blanket, so probably later in the fall where we watched it. I’m guessing Sinkhole is going to be about the same. Bummer.

What caught my attention first was actually the people starring in the movie. My ears are always on the lookout for Lee Kwang Soo, especially now that he’s left Running Man, so this was a pleasant surprise. Even more exciting, on top of Kwang Soo, we have Cha Seung Won, who is a pretty awesome actor, and Kim Sung Kyun who, while you might not know his name, when you see him, you go “Ohh him!”. Kim Sung Kyun is one of those character actors who have an exceptional ability to sink into their characters. While he plays a great “everyman” (he is actually the lead of this movie), his turns as villain really get me shivering. +

I’m looking forward to the day where I’m randomly scrolling through Netflix and this will pop up on my screen. I’ll whip up a batch of potato salad, maybe a hot dog or two, and will settle in for some good summertime fun…no matter when it arrives.

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