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Khottie of the Week

We have reached the end of our Khottie series focusing on all the different look from the A.C.E Siren:Dawn comeback… and how timely considering I just received my physical copies of the albums! We were worried that they were giving away all of the pictures from the albums, but I’m happy and relieved to say that this is not the case. If you get one of these albums, there is so much more to see. I do not regret at all this Khottie series nor do I regret buying all three copies. Its been a bit of a rough time lately, and this really has been a bright light. Some might say…a dawn??

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Now, onto Moon! Hope you like black pleather!


Though if you don’t, WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE???

I love this piece hes’ wearing, it reminds me of a backbone and ribs.

I do miss the shaggy wavy hair of his other looks though!



Hot. Fudge.

I really don’t have words for how stunning he  is. I want to talk about the contrast of fabrics, textures and metal.

But I just keep going…. he so pretty.


I notice the trend for each of the album looks. First photoshoot simple backdrop with a basic prop.

So its all about the guys and their styling.

And those killer looks they serve up.

Kim Byeongkwan

My friend Val calls this the Beta Fish look.

And now that its in our heads? We can’t let it go.

KimByeongkwan. BetaFish.


Chan continues to slay.

Like murder me slowly with smolder and pleather.

He seems pleased with that.



So the first half of the photoshoot for these albums? Basic backdrop. The second is just fantastical beasts and where to find them.

Apparently these beasts like water.

No kidding, he looks like some sort of classical paintings in these shots.


I wonder if the company saw how popular the underwater shots were for the last album…

and just decided, yeah, more of that.

But with 100% more nipples.


Or maybe the other guys were so jelous of the fun Jun and Chan had…

that they wanted in on it.

Its cool boys, no fighting, we appreciate any chance to look at a moist idol.


Also this week? I got my A..C.E fanpack!

It lists Byeongkwan as KimByeongkwan, no space.

For some reason, that delights me. KimByeongkwan.


Again, I think Chan just BROUGHT IT to all of these photoshoots.

Every single look. Every single theme.

He killed it and therefore he killed us.



I’m so pleased with the albums.

I didn’t think I’d be able to top the excitment of the last album, but A.C.E made this release an event, and I’m thrilled. Now maybe I should go look at them again. Its been a few minutes since I’ve opened them and that seems just wrong.

Thanks for playing along with my A.C.E ramblings. I can’t help it, they really do just make me happy. And I decided not to fight it. My next battle? Next week they have their online concert and I’m struggling not to get the VIP package. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Dear Lord, yes. So don’t be surprised if the next time I report back in, I will have done it. Sigh.

What was your favorite look? Did you order an album? Which one did you choose?


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