Musical Monday: Feeling Lazy

Posted by Stephanie on July 5, 2021


Today’s music choice was easy for so many reasons– the funny one being that I have the day off and I’m trying to unwrap the guilty feelings of just being lazy instead of, I don’t know, writing a post, doing a workout, accomplishing anything today but lounging around with SaraG’s two dogs who do not understand my mixed feelings of laying on the couch with them. It’s also because honestly, I didn’t think this song would ever happen and I’m so happy that it’s here for the song itself and for what it might tell for our future with The Rose.

If you don’t know the history, The Rose, with Woosung as their leader, tried to break with their label a while back. It got ugly as those things usually do. Accusations were hurled from either side and ultimately, again as these things usually do, the courts fell in favor of the label, forcing The Rose back. From there, members started headed off to their military service. Clearly, this did not bode well for any real future for The Rose or their music.

Honestly, I thought we’d never hear from them again. That they’d drift off to nothing, shoved into whatever version of the YG basement their label has. As a huge fan of the Rose the thought really, really hurt. The Rose was the last concert I traveled to LA for. It was there, while being blown over by their live performance, that I had the thought “I don’t own a single album of theirs, how is that a thing” The very next day I went to the nearest Kpop shop and not only bought every Rose album but also Woosung’s first solo. A purchase I’ve never regretted (especially now seeing how much the albums are going for online since there was such a limited run.)

But surprise, surprise, here’s Woosung releasing a single called Lazy. and it’s lovely. His voice is just so amazing and unique. It’s one of those ones where you can hear what he’s trying to tell you directly in your heart.

It makes me wonder and hope. Is there hope for a future with The Rose? It’s not like they are dancers, so if allowed, I could see them continuing however long they wanted to once everyone gets out of the military. And with Woosung not even having to go in, it’s not like we’d have to wait forever for it to happen. I would love for there to be more music, for there to be more chances to see them again. I also though think about the accusations when they tried to leave the label. If they are to release new music are they going to be treated well? Is this something they are doing willingly? Do they choose to make music under whatever conditions they have to because it’s better than the alternative? I want to be supportive, but I’m trying to figure out how.

Woosung, Lazy


  • Reply SaraG July 5, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    He said the rose is writing music even while the others are in the military and we should be patient…straight from his mouth to Eric Nam’s listeners

  • Reply humbledaisy July 5, 2021 at 9:42 pm

    I can’t find the link right now but he said in an interview with a magazine that they had completely broken with the record label (I imagine they paid $) and when the other got out, they are planning to record. One reason he’s writing so many songs now. I’ll do the research and get back to you! It came out slightly after the Nam interview.

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