Throwback (Musical) Thursday: All Purpose F-Yeah Anthem

Posted by Stephanie on July 8, 2021


There are songs that you listen to when you’re angry, songs for when you’re frustrated, songs for when you’re pumped, songs for when you want to strut, or songs for when you just want to feel badass… sometimes when you’re lucky enough, you find one song that manages to work for every single one of those situations. Surprisingly, I found my song with The Purge by Jay Park and some of his artists over at H1GHR Music.

This was a complete shocker to me. I mean I knew of the song before it became my anthem of everything. It had even hit my list of 50 Favorite Songs of 2020 list, but it was on there almost as an afterthought, one of those, “Yeah, I remember that song, I liked it, so let’s stick it on the list” situations. So what changed? Another team tried to pull some shady crap on my team when I was on PTO, so I was called in and had to give the slap down. That’s right, don’t mess with my team when you think I’m not looking! Anyway, this song came on right after I was done the call, and it just…clicked.

The song hit that spot, the moment of victory, of frustration, of don’t mess with me. I literally did some sort of fuck yeah dance through the aisles of the Staples I was in. I played the song over and over again until I was able to burn out that frustration. From that moment on, I’ve played this song pretty incessantly. If I’m feeling any sort of way, somehow this song fits every single one of those moods. It celebrates me if I’m feeling high, it lifts me up if I’m feeling low. There are now almost 6 million views on the video and I swear a butt-ton of those must be me just playing the song on repeat.

It’s not often that one of these songs comes along that fit you just right and I’m not entirely certain what it says about the current version of myself that such an angry song is my anthem, but I’ve decided not to look too close in order to try and figure it out just in case it makes the magic of whatever it is that this song does to me go away. I’d rather take the outlet, thanks.

Here’s hoping that you’ve found the song that works for you. If not, don’t worry about it because apparently one day the song will just choose you.

The Purge – Jay Park, pH-1, BIG Naughty , Woodie Gochild, HAON, TRADE L, Sik-K

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