KinnPorche Canceled? Nooo!

Posted by Stephanie on July 14, 2021


Sadly, it was announced yesterday that KinnPorche, one of the most anticipated BLs of the year, something that has been hot news since first announced last year, has officially been canceled by the production company. Sorry, BL fans.

First off the announcement from the team. I got this from an Instagram I follow which posted this translated version of the statement. We can tell the statements translated from the original as it alllllmost makes sense and yet doesn’t always.

For those of you out there who may have said, that font is way too effing small and I’m not going to try and read that massive wall of text, here’s a bigger version for you.

First of all I would like to thank the entire team of Filmania, both Poi and Yok, who made this KinnPorche The Series project, which we have made possible today. I also thank the actors who have worked over the past few months, the characters of the novel seem completely real. What it will say today is that we have the skills and drive to build this company where it can continue to grow, but can’t let the company continue to grow, so it’s better to hand the series to others who are able to accept the project and they can move forward. This doesn’t mean we’re incompetent, but this change will allow the series to continue to evolve and become better for everyone. This difficult situation is not easy to handle, but having someone with the skills and strong drive to help manage the project will benefit all who love and desire the best of this novel. There are many stories, hundreds, thousands of things that have been given before, both true and false, where it affects everyone and also the development of the new manager. Today we agreed that we will fix this problem. All the problems that have arisen will make the series better, Now the most important thing is motivation, I want everyone to help motivate them from the team trying to build a new project so that they have the strength to pull the string of days and have the success everyone wants.As a friend who will continue to be an advisor to this project, you will always support, always give energy to everyone because we want what we are trying to create together to bring smiles and happiness for everyone. While taking a break from social media and taking some time for myself, I have the opportunity to clarify and explain the issues that arise and I can decide that I will only improve the future what was wrong before.

So, if you can make it through that, essentially, they tried, they wanted to do a really good job, they worked really hard, but just weren’t able to do get it right They know the story is important to a lot of people so they are backing away in order to possibly let someone else try it.


I mean, it’s not like we didn’t know something weird was going on. This show was announced SO LONG ago. There was a huge fervor about KinnPorche as they didn’t just announce the show, they announced the cast with some great existing couples, and they released a fairly long teaser for the project, it was long enough to give one the impression that this thing was only moments away from release.


We waited and waited for the show with no word. My BL partner in crime and I were so swept up in the excitement for the series, we actually added KinnPorche to the shows we were most anticipating for 2021 in our BL end-of-the-year wrap-up podcast. Eventually, it slipped our minds until it became something we mentioned every now and then a “Hey, have you heard anything about…?” Or “Man, that has to come out soon, right?”

Last week was saw the first signs of official trouble when it was announced that the writer and the production company had split ways and some of the team put out tweets that were essentially “Cross your fingers really hard and hope for the best!” Fans held their breath, convincing themselves, writers leave shows all the time, just get a new one! Or my thought, “Shouldn’t they be far enough along at this point we don’t care that the writer walked?”

With this week’s announcement, turns out, nope. A show really can fold at any time. Not certain why this is a shocker, its not like something like this hasn’t happened in the world of kdrama before. I even know of a few BLs that didn’t make it to air after announcements/teasers. Shows can crumble at any moment.

Unfunny enough, it was just that last week I joked on the podcast that the currently airing Golden Blood was a knock-off KinnPorche because guess who’s the winner now?

The announcement was a real bummer because not only did the show look pretty exciting, but the series also had the pairing I like from previous shows Ingredients and He, She It. I think the couple is super cute with an incredible amount of chemistry, but since I didn’t like He, She, It and Ingredients was essentially a grocery store commercial told in 21 parts, I was really looking forward to seeing them try again in another show. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next one.

I’d like this will be a warning not to get excited about things until they actually premier as you never know what’s going to happen, but we all know our memories are short and we’re going to continue to get excited about shows waaay too early. Luckily, with BL there are more and more shows coming out all the time, seemingly faster than you can blink. This one just stings a little. RIP KinnPorche. `


Stephanie Edit: Perhaps all is not lost? There are rumblings that its the production company that has backed out or stepped down, but there is still a chance that some other company might pick up what’s left out there. Apparently, we’re going to hold on and wait some more. BUT DON’T GET TOO EXCITED. We just learned this lesson. Give it a little while longer before we forget and start getting excited about stuff again… 

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