Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Hurtling Through Space

Posted by SaraG on July 15, 2021


Over our many years of enjoying Korean or Asian Entertainment together, Alix and I have fallen into a maddening and fun little pattern of behavior. I hyper-focus on the next big thing in music and try to get her to listen to things I KNOW she will fall in love with and she will stubbornly ignore it. A year or two passes and then she’ll slip into a deep obsession with whatever it is, just like I knew she would. In turn, Alix will watch a drama and tell me within an episode or two that it was basically written for me to enjoy and that I will swoon over our hero and he will permanently enter my top however many favs list. I will follow whomever it is on Instagram at her recommendation and then promptly forget which show it was, ask her three times to tell me the name, and then stumble upon it a year or two later and tell her about a great show I found. See, we are both terrible people. 

Right before I went on vacation, as I was wrapping up the last few office-related tasks and she was preparing for a sweet week away from all things work as well, I got a text that literally said “Ok, I’ll let you teach me VeriVery.” Mind you, this is a group I have tried to drop hints about and encourage my friends to pay attention to for a while now…not seriously wooing anyone with them, but definitely talking about them. So, I dropped in a link to episode one of their currently airing YouTube show as a very initial starting point and she took it upon herself to go full tilt from there. This group has SO MANY great songs and is one of the best out there for sharp, synchronized choreo. They’re silly, fun, supportive of each other, and, of course, gorgeous. They are a joy to pay attention to and seem to be picking up enough steam that there is little risk of them imploding or disappearing any time soon. 

To be crystal clear here, I did not have to push very hard on VeriVery for Alix once her interest was piqued and she went about absorbing all of their content and learning the members on her own, but I do want to take a little credit for constantly mentioning them over the last couple of years. I never let them off of anyone’s radar for too long. They are way too good to not be somebody’s favorite something. WAY too good. 

So in honor of Alix’s new love story, I am sharing a song she picked out as an early fav early in her exploration. And yes, the name on the album, So Gravity, is different than the name on the video…trust me, it’s the same song. 

So Gravity, VeriVery

And for full transparency, I watched all of You are My Hero in less than a week at the same time she was learning VV – a show Alix told me to watch no fewer than five times when it first came out in 2019. She was right. I loved it. I loved him. I loved her. The whole thing was perfect. And yes, it was a surprise for me to find that I already followed him on Instagram and had since 2019.


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  • Reply Stephanie July 15, 2021 at 9:21 am

    Okay, this made me laugh. I can personally attest her Youtube has turned very VeriVery.

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