Khottie of the Week: Mingi Is Back!

Posted by Stephanie on July 18, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Everything we were hoping for has come to pass, Mingi is back from his hiatus and ready to join ATEEZ full time! It was announced today by his agency. Which means we’re celebrating! This means he scored Khottie this week! Am I talking too much in exclamation marks? Too bad! Didn’t you hear? Mingi is back!

We love that the agency gave him all the time and space he needed to work on his mental health.

The last thing we saw him actually visually participate in was last year’s cover of Black Cat.

Since then we’ve had an album release that he vocally participated in.

Their first Japanese release, where Seonghwa matched with Hongjoong as rapper.

And the competition show, Kingdom.

Mingi did participate in the creation of the final song, so, he was there in spirit.

But he’s back and we’re so happy!

ATEEZ was actually the only concert tickets we kept that were purchased pre-pandemic.

Since they never officially canceled, we kept them, keeping them almost as a talisman.

Now that Mingi is back could they start talking a tour next year-ish?

While I couldn’t choose a favorite in ATEEZ.

They are one of those groups where you just can’t.

Mingi is definitely high on my list.

He’s got that crazy deep rap which is my kryptonite.

But mostly I love the mix that is Mingi.

This is Mingi.

And yet so is this.

Hot Mingi.

Goofball Mingi.

Dear Lord Put that Away Mingi.

To let me fold you up and put you in my pocket where I will protect you and feed you snacks Mingi.

He’s not alone. Mingi and his hot friend.

Mingi and the other goofball.

I don’t care at all which Mingi we get.

I’m just so happy we have him back.

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    Yay!!! So glad he is doing better!!

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