Musical Monday – Scorching

Posted by SaraG on July 19, 2021


After some lovely rain and cooler temps, it’s back to being heartbreakingly hot in Colorado. Burst into flame hot. Emergency managers are watching out for large fires hot. That’s not cool. 

I do not do well in this type of weather and I work hard to find anything and everything that will make me feel better: light clothes, fans, frozen grapes, and songs that in no way remind me of smokey, stuffy clubs with too much clothing on. We’re talking summer songs here, kids. Straight up bright, optimistic, musically colorful, and cheerful songs are just what the mercury in that old thermometer ordered. And Sound Kim has delivered. 

I know next to nothing about Sound Kim other than that I love her voice, I adore her music, and that bright hair is exactly what the summer needs. She is a Korean R&B/Soul singer with delightful pipes, cute tattoos, and the most darling aesthetic.That’s it. That’s what I know. But I am hoping if we all start looking for more information, the internet will sit up and notice that we need more of this woman. 

Help a girl out – or two girls – me so I can get more of her and her because she would probs love the recognition. 

Love and Peace, Sound Kim

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