The New F4?

Posted by Stephanie on July 20, 2021

Casting News

Do you like idol actors? Do you like any of the following groups: Pentagon, Victon, Highlight, or Teen Top? How about a web drama police procedural? There has to be something in that mix that calls out to you.

Now for the details. Casting for this show is Wooseok from Pentagon, which reminds me I never finished his last web drama about convenience store workers that was totally cute, Niel from Teen Top (Is Teen Top still a thing?) Dongwoon from Highlight, and Dimples McDimples, Sejun from Victon. Three out of four of these groups are huge here with the Denver crew so I can imagine everyone here is probably going to be pretty excited about this drama.

The series is called The Guys I Want to Catch, which has to be a play on the fact that these are all guys that viewers want to catch. It also happens to be a bunch of guys who fail out of the police academy and yet still manage to solve some crime. As it is a web drama called The Guys I Want to Catch, I can’t imagine the series or plot is going to be too heavy or deep.

Where does the F4 come in? Do you think I lured you in with rumors of a new Boys Over Flowers remake? No, you’re going to have to look to Thailand for that with their remake starring Bright and Win from the BL 2Gether: the series. No, here they are referred to as the F4 as they are four failures. (It makes me wonder if in this world they are aware of the real F4? That would be funny.)

Through the show you get to know the characters, handily named after themselves, and why they all want to be police officers, even if they are so bad at it.

The series is being put on by Dingo Music and I have to say, I love some of the music programs they’ve put out, especially their Killing Voice series which appears to be getting so popular, they keep having bigger and bigger names appear. This would not be the first series that Dingo has put on, a quick search tells me they are actually responsible for the last Wooseok series that I was referring to earlier in this post. Apparently, the show is called Fling At Convenience Store:

Which makes me just want to go finish it.

The aim is to start filming The Guys I Want to Catch in July for an August release so hopefully, we’re going to get a teaser in the next couple of weeks to share. My guess is this is going to be fluffy, light, and more than slightly ridiculous. What more could you want from a summertime drama?

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