THottie of the Week: Bright Chivaaree

Posted by Stephanie on July 25, 2021

Khottie of the Week

This THHottieis a gift to my lovely Scott H. Scott H. who recently fell down the rabbit hole that is BL and just as quickly fell for the dark and broody Sarawat AKA Bright Chivaaree from 2Gether The Series. I’d say I don’t say could blame him but I’m too busy saying “I Told You So.”

Once Dear Scott H and I found out we both had similar watching interests, we couldn’t help but sit there and talk gay movies.

I’d try.

I’d try so hard

to get him into BLs.

But he just wouldn’t budge.

Not because of the content.

Or even because of the length.

It was the fact that it was episodes and not told in one unit.

Slowly, ever so slowly.

He started to cave.

First by downloading all the vids and then shoving them together into one Frankensteined BL movie.


It didn’t matter to me so long as he was watching.

But then… BL did its magic

And I’m happy to report he’s hooked.

Welcome, Friend.

Come on in, the water is FINE.

And so is Bright.

He’s one of those I had to FORCE myself to stop looking up pictures of him

No, Stephanie! YOU HAVE TOO MANY.

He always comes off so brooding and handsome.

All angles and side eye and lips.

I think I now currently have over 50 pictures saved to my computer…

You know, for research.

But, to get back to my friend Scott H.

Who I love chatting BL with when we’re supposed to be having a meeting.

Ending each work meeting with a quick… “Okay, what are you watching.”

Sometimes it’s these sort of things, these sort of people that help get you through the day.

Well, that and thoughts of Bright.

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